1. Kadan vaangi podathinga yaarum ivan solra peche kettu …intha tym la mining panrathu return amount eduka mudiyathu … FD maathiri wait panningana value irukku …ithu sponsor sales nallave panran …

  2. Dei evanathu mining panna arambicheenga….tension agiduven…enda engala mathiei normal gamers lam santhosamave iruka koodatha…irukura gpu elathaiyum vangitu engala saavadikurathu….intha polapukku oru video vara…mining kills normal and poor gamers…please dont…mining destroys our dreams.sorry to say but i disliked this vid…😔

  3. Going by your maths, you say you set it up with 3.3 lakhs, earn 40k a month, just to recover the amount only it will take 8 months and adhu varaikkum indha GPU won't even last

  4. $$$$$$$$$$Waste of invest:$$$$$$$$$$
    Bro talk about also the risk.
    Can you share me the mining profit proof if possible after one month of this video.
    Hi all, its seems all this video is for marketing, trying to sell gpu with high price.
    >50k gpu selling @82k, So Instead of this buy cryptocurrency directly.

  5. Please explain the people about all the charges involved when converting to INR, also make people understand that the theoretical hash rate of computer is different from hash rate the pool uses . So they know that they won’t always get the conversion amount every month ! 😂😅

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