1. how many rigs can i have with this set up if one of my miners use 3100w, another 230w and another 2250 watt and the last one 2556 watt. is there a bigger pdu or would i need a second 30amp receptacle?

  2. k i have one question i have a 220 v a1 does about 24 th/s and i keep trying to power it but im in an apartment with 15 amp circuit so i bought a converter to turn it into a 220v power so the machine turns on with the 5000w converter but at some point it just pops the circuit and shuts off how do i fix it is it with this bar that your telling me about i just want to stop it from popping the circuit in my aparment

  3. what about b250 mining expert i have nasty heat on my PDU, fuse i have on fuse box 32AMP, i hear buzzing sound but it's cold there it just drive me crazy, i appreciate if you can give any insight thank you

  4. Im.. yes this power strip is the worst setup ever the PDU alone cost $200-250 wheres you can buy a 5$ housing box and $3*2 receptacles and a Dual 20amp breaker for $10 and u got 4 outlets on 240 thats 4 rigs double the setup and u can plug 8 rigs for under $50

  5. YO YO DOG!
    This has nothing to do with u bits, but the guy that sells that item is a real tool!
    I would not buy from that guy! He has no people skill so I would beware of anyone that treats there future customer like shit, he doesn't get my vote or dollars!

  6. I'm an electrician and just want to clear up what's being presented here.. 6 amps on 120volts is literally the same thing as 3 amps on 240. You do not instantly cut off half of your power consumption. You will have a higher efficiency and can save up to 3-4% power usage but that's it. If you would like to know more or don't believe me pm and we can talk XD

  7. Thanks for the vid. How did you know I wanted one on that PDU (wouldn't be because you're one of the hardest working providers on YouTube?). My question is regarding the receptacle and plug. It looks like the receptacle comes with the kit. It's also a 3 wire 220 volt. Is it to be wired as a grounded supply or a neutral supply? I ask because I have a garage space heater that is a neutral 220 (it's an appliance and only required 3 wires) and the ground from my service is tied to the receptacle box. I can swap out the receptacle terminating the neutral and using the ground with the receptacle supplied because I have 4 wire cable coming from the 200 amp service if that's all that's needed. My geeky electrical side though really wants to build a switchbox that alternately uses the ground and neutral just in case I have to shut down the miners and need to use the space heater in some sort of jules verne/spacex just have to have it redundant situation. My wife just loves to see a pile of electrical wire, boxes, switches and other miscellaneous fire prone ingredients about to be assembled into some sort of man cake. I told her that the mining rig was a time machine and for just a split second if you could have seen the look on her face. Priceless. Any opinion would be helpful.

  8. Now I can just show the electrician this video! Yay!!! Do you remember what the electrician charged you to put that extra 100amp box in? Will look for the box n breakers at Lowes or your amazon link. I just hope the first 200 amp little house box is capable of hooking up the extra 100 amp. Huge thanks.

  9. That PDU seems a bit overkill for a 30A circuit. I have a 30A 240V PDU with 8 outlets. I have 2 PSU on each of 3 rigs with splitter cables so I only need 3 of the outlets, based on the math I should be able to run at least 6 rigs, possibly 7 on this PDU depending on what cards I'm running. I just don't understand what the point is of buying a PDU with a massive number of outlets like yours when you're still limited to 30A……Although I do like that yours has the amp reading.

  10. Running similar APC PDU's with 30 amp breakers at my mines as well. Great byte sized video! I have built many of rigs while listening to your live streams and replays. Thank you for everything you do for the community, Carter! #RESPECT

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