1. I currently have two rigs 6 1660S each mining on nice hash – both run at 188MH but one will show one pay rate and the other something different accepted speed is much different. I did a ping and they are both pinging at 45 or so is it better to try to put all GPU's on same mother board? would that give me double the hash rate?

  2. Weird I have more Mh and earned less with the mining pool than you in 14 days and have found 2 blocks in that time…. it's tempting for me to go solo right now…

  3. Mined RVN in the past just to see how it would be different from mining ETH. Current setup just couldn't cool fast enough. Saw TechShinji's water cooled mining rig and am slowly putting my cards on liquid cooling. Love the content you're putting out and that datasheet is AMAZING! See you in 2023 millionaire!

  4. Hello sebs I’m planning to build ravencoin mining rig
    Asrock H510 pro BTC+
    Rtx 2060
    I don’t know what cpu to use
    Any tips here sebs for my plan is it good to use rtx 2060?

  5. Help me please how to overclock 3060ti lhr and 3070 normal for raven coin or how can i mine raven with the 3060ti and eth with the 3070 in the same time. Thank you!

  6. Is it possible to mine ravencoin with an amd card? Which amd card has the same hash rate as the 3060 is because I saw previous video and 6 rtx 3060 Is very expensive so trying to find same but in amd

  7. Hey Seb found your channel a few weeks back. had to sub instantly. awesome channel. wide variety of videos covering many topics in mining which is great. this video was interesting because , well eth will be going and we will all have to mine alt coins. anyway i have a rig with 8x 1660 super and 1x 2060 super. 4 of the 1660 supers are hynix and as you know we have to underclock them for eth. Could you please do a video on the 1660 super hynix clock settings for rvn? keep up the awesome videos.

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