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  2. Safe Moon Coin
    10% charge for sellers
    5% going to holders
    Great concept & New
    Worth a long term holding for any small crypto portfolio
    Once made easier to buy will be very interesting Q4 2021
    I dnt want a crypto being sold all the time n a few $$$ invested longterm better then lousy Bank n what's it matter when you get in if you leaving longterm as crypto ain't going away anytime soon

  3. Download the pi network app from the store and use my invation code “Axtra” you can mine free coints at the moment until the coin is released. Let’s get rich together. It’s no scam and I’m not a bot!! 👍

  4. It sounds like Amazon just wants to sell AWS subscriptions, and physical HDD/SSD’s. Hedera Hashgraph is an obvious choice for global Businesses, Banks, and Governments. It’s akin to DARPA developing the ARPANET.

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