1. I got my cards at IMINERS,CO and they are great group of people. Cards are cheap, support is insane, shipping is fast and they provide wholesale discount. What can be better?

  2. u know no one thinks outside the box. y not build a device for mining alone instead of graphics card or pc. sell for like 300 usd, you'll make like millions as the whole world is moving to crypto in the next 5 years. The pc and graphics card will be left behind crying.

  3. lol @ crybabies on the comments. i wonder how many of them actually used, or better say planed to use a threadripper and got effect by a increased price… oh wait… actually the prices droped over time, wooooot

  4. You should mine Nerva with the Ryzen.
    It's way easier too. Just download it and mine with the deamon.
    Solo mining only, no pools, no extra mining software.

  5. Nice video! I’m just curious though, what specification is important for mining Monero with a GPU or CPU? Is Cryptonite a memory intensive algorithm like Etherium???

  6. All of the Ryzen CPUs I've worked with have been pleasantly profitable to mine on, especially after Cryptonite V7. I'm currently pulling in up to ~650hs on my Ryzen 2600X! This is quite an achievement considering my dual Xeon server (Haswell) can only fetch ~950hs (v7) / ~1,100hs.

  7. Can you just tell me how to turn my car into a mining rig? And how much profit that might be I'd be using gas as energy instead of electricity and it has plenty of rotating parts can't you use that to get rotations toward mining or whatever the gpu does honestly if I could make a profit off my car being one id do that to my car

  8. btw for the information, mining with smartphone can be done via minergate. You can mine monero, etheureum classic… And this with your smartphone but it is absolutely not worth it :')

  9. Mining bitcoin is like Instagram, get the most expensive phone take cool looking photos and get nothing back…lol…Apart for not being environmentally correct

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