1. I have this problem where the 2x A slots only work and not the rest of the slots B,C,D,E, have tried switching PSU, change graphics card back and forth and been testing multiple bios buttons/settings…. spent 6+ hours if not more trying to fix it… Everything boots up normally only 1 beep and then starting, POSt thingy shows only 2 slots (the first 2 A's). Cant seem to "Unlock" the other 2 for some reason…. IF any got any suggestions you are more then welcome to share!!

    Might add Windows 10 and everything works as it should except the rest of the 4 slots, it only blinks red once when i start (the slots that dont work) and thats it….

    8 GB 2666 Ram
    2x RM750X PSU
    1x 2060

  2. Hey I appreciate the video, but as someone who is brand new to this kind of custom build what would be really helpful is a step by step setup video.

    I have this mobo and currently having a really hard time figuring out what's preventing it from booting.


  3. I also posted a comment on how this MB would not Boot to BIOS because of errors, but someone appears to have deleted that comment. So I will graciously UN-SUBSCRIBE from here and let others know that negative views of MB are not accepted very well by owner of this channel.

  4. Hello guys. I just bought this MB and I am trying to connect 2 3060ti lhr. I have just the first one working.The second I can see in the device manager with yellow exclamation mark. My PSU is Corsair RM750x, 8 MB RAM. In the BIOS I have 4G enabled, tried with GEN1, GEN2, GEN3 , AUTO settings. Nothing is helping me to solve this issue. Also when I run the system I can see both GPUs in green. I am brand new in the mining so I will appreciate any help ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. @Red Fox Crypto Bro maybe you can help me, i have this same mobo, same cpu, just build it today but the mobo did not recognize my ssd (Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280), i also try with another ssd also not detected, any ideia about what can i try to make it work? please help a friend out

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  7. So, with any number combination of 3060 ti and 1660 super on this motherboard, it should work fine ? Also, do I need specific a CPU with certain number of lanes to accommodate multiple GPUs ?

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