1. Hi sir, what operating system you using? And which bios version you using. I wondering my board just support max 7 GPU, once it reach 8 GPU, windows will show error code 12

  2. I have the Asus Z390-A version of the motherboard and I had to use the following settings to get 8 cards working. I spent over 80 hours trying to get it working and the main thing I was missing was turning off CSM.
    I am using 2x nVME to PCI converters in the nVME slots & I am using the Linux install of HiveOS on an SSD Drive.

    Plug the SSD drive with HiveOS into SATA4
    Update to the latest version of the BIOS (v1802)
    AdvancedPlatform Misc Configuration – Disable all options on this page
    AdvancedCPU Configuration – Software Guard Extensions (SGX) – Disabled
    AdvancedCPU Configuration – Intel (VMX) Virtualization Technology) – Disabled
    AdvancedSystem Agent (SA) Configuration – VT-d – Disabled
    AdvancedSystem Agent (SA) Configuration – Above 4G Decoding – Enabled
    AdvancedSystem Agent (SA) ConfigurationDMI OPI Configuration – DMI Max Link Speed – Gen1
    AdvancedSystem Agent (SA) ConfigurationPEG Port Configuration – PCIEX16_1 Link Speed – Gen1
    AdvancedSystem Agent (SA) ConfigurationPEG Port Configuration – PCIEX16_2 Link Speed – Gen1
    AdvancedPCH ConfigurationPCI Express Configuration – PCIe Speed – Gen1
    AdvancedPCH Storage Configuration – SATA Mode Selection – AHCI
    AdvancedPCH Storage Configuration – SATA6G_1(Gray) – Disabled
    AdvancedPCH Storage Configuration – SATA6G_2(Gray) – Disabled
    AdvancedPCH Storage Configuration – SATA6G_3(Gray) – Disabled
    AdvancedPCH Storage Configuration – SATA6G_5(Gray) – Disabled
    AdvancedPCH Storage Configuration – SATA6G_6(Gray) – Disabled
    AdvancedPCH Storage Configuration – SATA6G_7(Gray) – Disabled
    AdvancedPCH Storage Configuration – SATA6G_8(Gray) – Disabled
    AdvancedThunderbolt(TM) Configuration – Discrete Thunderbolt(TM) Support – Disabled
    AdvancedOnboard Devices Configuration – HD Audio – Disabled
    AdvancedOnboard Devices Configuration – PCIEX16_3 Bandwidth – X4 Mode
    AdvancedOnboard Devices Configuration – Hyper M.2 x16 – Disabled
    AdvancedOnboard Devices Configuration – USB power delivery in Soft Off state (S5) – Disabled
    AdvancedOnboard Devices ConfigurationSerial Port Configuration – Serial Port – Off
    AdvancedARM Configuration – Restore AC Power Loss – Power On
    AdvancedUSB ConfigurationUSB Port Disable Override – Disable all except for U31G1_9, U32G1_10, USB13, USB14 (this allows you to use the two black USB ports & the two blue ones under the Ethernet on the back of the motherboard)
    BootBoot Configuration – Fast Boot – Disabled
    BootBoot Configuration – Boot Logo Display – Enabled
    BootBoot Configuration – POST Delay Time – 3 second
    BootCSM (Compatibility Support Module) – Launch CSM – Disabled
    BootSecure Boot – OS Type – Other OS
    Boot – AMI Native NVMe Driver Support – Off

    I booted into HiveOS by adding 1 GPU at a time, in this order:
    X16_1 (closest to the CPU)
    PCI_1X_1 (closest to the CPU)
    nVME 1 (closest to the CPU)
    nVME 2

    BOOM! I hope this helps someone – I spent way too much time getting this board working properly!

  3. I’m currently have z390-p with i3-9100f and msi GeForce gtx 1660 gpu’s using windows 10. I can’t get the GeForce experience app to run so that I can download the proper driver for the gpu’s recommendations please

  4. muy buenas tardes feliz año nuevo aqui desde la argentina tengo 1 msi z370 a-pro y la verdad solo se banca hasta 4gpu y no se puede activar la opcion above 4gpu porque al guardar la configuracion reinicio y me lleva a la bios y si lo vuelvo reiniciar o si lo apago y prendo se vuelve a la bios no arranca el sistema operativo.

  5. i have problem whit Asus Z370-p , i want to add 8 VGA rx 580 to this motherbord until 7 × VGA noting problem but when add 8th card have error in all of rx 580 driver ( in Device Maneger) that say " this device cannot find enough free resources that it can use . (code 12)"
    eny one can Help me?

    my rig confige :
    corei 3 8100
    8 gb Ram ADATA DDR4 2400
    m/b: Asus prime Z370-p
    8× aus rx 580 8gb

  6. I am suprised that you have made that great video, but only a few followers. I've subscribed the channel. The only suggestion i may say, is about the sound. You may record the video and afterwards do the sound recording in a silent place 🙂 Anyway, im on 05:04 on the video yet, and want to ask you a question. Obviously this z370-p mobo can have 8 gpu's. But the problems with my recent one ( msi x370 gaming pro carbon ) it had 6 pcie and 2 m.2 slots but could only run 5-6 GPUs in total due to some chipset issues + one pcie needs a powerful cpu to work, doesnt work with athlon but with ryzen. So i am trying to have a refund of this, and wanna change to asus x370-p . Will any cheap 1151 CPU ( exp. g4400 ) be enough to work all of them, or is there a similiar limitation like if I need i3 or i5 to have all 8 GPUs connected? Which CPU did you use in that config? Thank you a lot, have fun more than problems in your mining adventure 🙂

  7. Hey, can the Intel 7th Generation Kaby Lake Pentium G4560 3.5GHz 3MB CACHE LGA 1151 BX80677G4560 Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 610 / Supports Dual Channel DDR4 Memory work with the Asus Prime Z370-P Intel LGA1151 DDR4 ATX Motherboard / 8-channel HD Gaming Audio / USB 3.1 Gen1 / Intel® Optane™ Memory Compatibility / Turbo Boost Technology 2.0?

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