1. Awesome miner shows HMQ1725 as the most profitable coin to mine but i just can't get it to mine this algo on my 13 card AMD rig, anyone got any pointers? In fact i've struggled to mine anything but ETH reliably.

  2. I’ve got a miner working and hashing, but my earnings still show $0.00/per day, $0.00/hr etc… do I have to wait for a block to be found before I see some money?
    Or maybe some other adjustment needs to be made…?

  3. Thanx, this video was really helpfull, i have a nvidea 1070 is it possible to expand using AMD cards and using the same miner? for example a 1070 + 580 on one miner and the cpu on the other miner? or do i have to upgrade to 3 miners then?

  4. I'm a total Noob to this mining. I tried to set up awesome miner, but when i go to start, i get errors. In the diagnostics it's telling me that "Failed to start miner process: InvalidApplication
    Failed to start miner in Diagnostics mode"
    Any help would be appreciated…

  5. although I added Mining Pool Hub as a Pool to Awesome miner. It still only shows the Electroneum Pool and not the one for Monero in Mining Pool Hub. What do I do?

  6. The example you gave from Mining Pool Hub to mine Ethereum with Awesome Miner, Normally the worker name is the wallet address, where do your mined coins end up?

  7. For some reason I can't start the mining software. It always prompts me with an error message saying "Failed to initialize logger". I can't find anything on this issue on the web, can you help me please?

  8. can u help me pls ? what is the Weblogin you have to type in when u type in the worker name ? i did exactly the steps like u did but in the end when i start to mine, it says that its an unknown coin or something like that..

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