1. Hey, great video! I am willing to build something like your farm but my biggest fear is airflow. Right now, i am using fans behind every 12 gpus to maintain them cool. I would like to know what kind of airflow system you have and how do you manage to keep them cool ? Greetings

  2. How are you managing your cooling? As we expand we continue to struggle with cooling. Interested if you use any sort of modeling on HVAC tonnage / hash or card or watts, etc. Thanks for the videos… AWESOME!

  3. I've been thinking about starting a smaller mining/gpu datacenter but I'm having a hard time learning what needs to be done to get all that power that's needed and the costs involved. I've done some research but I feel like I don't know the right questions the ask. Can you explain the process of doing it? Did you guys layout all the wiring and everything first then called in an electrician to finalize everything? How did you find what you needed to buy? I see a bunch of outlets, electric panels, and a 3000amp transformer. Where do you even get a transformer like that?

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  5. Carter this stuff is GOLD!!! Would love to hear a little on your experience's with GPU fan maintenance. I'm been running a 400 GPU mine in my small warehouse and been running into fan failure issues as my GPUs age. Always great to hear about your mine infrastructure as well (heat management, power/load balancing on your electrical phases, airflow/filtering, etc). Also, would love to hear how you came to select the racking, cooling fans, power distribution, networking, and all the other components that you used as well as hear your comments on what things work well and what things don't work well (i.e. lessons learned). Can't thank you enough for sharing!!!

  6. Hi there
    Today i made a mining rig
    H110 pro btc motherboard
    Gpu 580 8gb
    Cpu intel celeron g5400 lga 1151
    Egva 600 powersupplu
    Kingston 120gb
    4 gb ram
    But its not turning on
    Can anyone help me pls

  7. Awesome video! I'm curious about the main intake and exhaust of the building, how are you handling dust filtering and temperature monitoring for those "outdoor" fans?
    Have you ever looked into using the dielectric fluids and submerging for cooling? I feel it may be a higher upfront cost but can save a lot on dust maintenance for the cards

  8. Do you bios mod the polaris 1 at a time ? How do you handle bios modding in general ? Also what about tuning how do you tune so many ?

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