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  2. HI
    I have gigabyte 1060 6G xtreme edition ver 2.0 graphics cards I use Claymore's Dual Ethereum v15.0

    I get this message

    gpu 0, gpuminer cu_k1 failed 4 (0), unspecified launch failure?

    please how can i fix it ? THANK YOU

  3. yeah man im with panda on this one…the absolute legend. you got me into mining my friend. now i have upgraded my way up to 2.4gh on eth with navis and plan to trade off most of my polaris for navi as well to increase density…a good bios mod and downvolt gets you about 110w at 56 to 57mh on non xt gpus. keep up the great work my friend!

  4. I’m rooting for Kawpow. Hoping more coins pick up a variant of this Algo. GPU miners need a up and coming coin to move too since Ethereum wants Bitmain to run their network.

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