Best crypto wallet 2022

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Best crypto wallet 2022

Exodus: Best Bitcoin wallet for beginners

A user-friendly software wallet with a simple user interface and good customer service.

Electrum: Best Bitcoin wallet for experienced users
A hardware wallet that specializes in encryption. This crypto wallet is one of the oldest on the market and very secure.

Trezor T: The most secure crypto wallet
the first hardware wallet. This crypto wallet runs on an open-source code and provides good extra protection.

Ledger Nano X: The Best Hardware
Wallet A user-friendly Bitcoin wallet with Bluetooth connectivity that can connect directly to iOS and Android devices.

MyCelium: Best crypto wallet for Android
A popular option that has been on the market for a long time. This crypto wallet is specially developed for Android and iOS devices.

Exodus Wallet

Exodus is a crypto wallet with a modern interface that can be installed on both computers and mobile phones. One of the strengths of the wallet is that it supports more than 130 different cryptocurrencies. In other words, it is perfect for you who use several currencies. 

Exodus Wallet also automatically checks that the keys are correct.

Trezor Wallet

Trezor Wallet is one of the most popular hardware wallets on the market. Many companies that provide software wallets recommend that you supplement with this particular one. 

It handles all types of Cryptocurrency and has a flexible format, making it easy to store and carry. Trezor Wallet also has competent customer support.

Ledger Wallet

Ledger wallet is another hardware wallet that many people use. It’s beginner-friendly but doesn’t have quite as many features as the Trezor above. 

But the safety standard is just as high if you use it correctly. Ledger also offers an app to complement the hardware wallet where you can trade cryptocurrencies, keep track of the rates and conveniently transfer the currency to your hardware wallet.

Electrum Wallet

Electrum Wallet is one of the cheapest on the market but demands more from the user. However, the interface is easy to use, and it is not difficult to see where to send and receive bitcoin. 

Since this is open-source software, it is not as visually appealing as the competition. It is most often used specifically for its low prices and high security.

There is no customer support here. If a user encounters a problem, it is, instead, necessary to look up the information himself in their knowledge base. 

Something also worth noting is that Electrum only supports bitcoin.

Blockchain Wallet

Nimble software that is good for the beginner is Blockchain Wallet. In addition to sending and receiving Cryptocurrency, you can also trade your Cryptocurrency directly in the app. 

In addition to bitcoin, it supports Ether and Defi. Blockchain Wallet is a wallet that is both functional and affordable. On the minus side, customer support is quite difficult to find, and it takes time to find the information on the website.

Mycelium Wallet

Mycelium Wallet is one of the oldest software wallets on the market, and the company claims that its solution is 100% secure. 

We do not doubt for a moment that safety is very high as the eight engineers who developed the product have extensive experience in the industry. 

If you follow their instructions carefully, the wallet can certainly live up to its reputation of exceptionally high standards.

UberPay Wallet

UberPay Wallet is a relatively new market wallet, making it difficult to determine exactly how high its standard is. One feature they specialize in is that you can switch between currencies in an instant.

This makes it, for example, very flexible if a company only wants to be paid in bitcoin. You can then exchange your other currency for bitcoin and thus complete your purchase. 

The program is easily installed on a mobile phone or computer.

Sapien Wallet

Sapien Wallet is a Russian software wallet that has gained a lot of trust among users in a short time. Currently, they handle bitcoin, ether, and USDT, but we are confident that the supply will grow soon.

The wallet is intended to be used on the mobile phone to manage daily purchases. However, the information on how it is structured in terms of security is very brief and needs additions.

Nexus Wallet

Nexus Wallet is available for both computers and mobile. However, this is not a wallet for the beginner or someone who wants a system with fast customer support. 

It is a completely decentralized product developed by the users themselves. This also achieves maximum independence. But this crypto wallet also requires a lot from the user. 

Hence, it is best suited for those with experience with Cryptocurrency and who want to minimize the use of established banking systems.

Vision Wallet

The Vision Wallet is another new standout and one of those wallets meant to be used only on the mobile. The wallet is only compatible with iOS and android. 

You, therefore, use it mostly for your daily transactions. In addition, there is a smart function where you can keep track of current rates on the foreign exchange market directly in the app.

ZenaPay Wallet

ZenaPay is a company that develops solutions for authorities and larger companies which need comprehensive security solutions. 

In addition to that, they have also developed a crypto wallet for bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The interface is not eye-catching, but on the other hand, you get a safe and smart wallet for daily purchases and transactions.

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