1. Am new to gpu mining, question in etherium : can i start mining different gpu on single motherboard with different gpu’s like 8Gb , 10Gb, 12Gb? They are all different brand as well? Please help thank you

  2. Yes, we all know 3060ti is efficient. But the truth is it is out of stock everywhere and the price is extremely high. How about making a new video about the the cards we can still buy and using their actual price on the market 😂

  3. All of these does not matter if you have free electricity. If you can't get free electricity, at least a source of electricity with a fix consumption but providing your power requirement up to 10,000 – 20,000 watts while consuming only 1,300 watts.

  4. This is great. Now the GPU mining efficiency has priced in.
    RTX 3060 Ti are on sale for around $800 on eBay and are otherwise sold out everywhere.
    The bots are even buying out fake RTX 30 series GPU (with title/description literally saying it is fake for the bots) on eBay.

  5. Great video’s, I stumbled across your mining with you gaming pc video. Previously I never had a clue how to get into mining, thanks a ton, think I might get involved.

  6. what the details as listed above for a ''NVIDIA Tesla K80 GDDR5 24GB 4992 CUDA CORES GPU Computing Accelerator Card PCIe''…THANKS…i got this just to test my new rig on, before I spend money on a good graphics card (s)

  7. What I’m struggling with is the number of 3060ti, just on Best Buy there are 5+ versions with scaling MSRPs. Can we be more specific on the card manufacture router and specs in these evaluations or explain why as long as it’s a RTX 3060 ti the other details don’t matter? Thx for the content! Liked and subscribed

  8. why not include rx 570s? 8gb cards are still making 31mh at 65w making them more efficient than 1660 Supers ect. granted you can get them in stock, here we can get them fro 230 USD brand new in plenty stock

  9. I got an EVGA FTW3 Ultra gaming 3060 Ti, and I can only get the efficiency to around .48 at 59MH/s @122W idk if my card just didn’t win the silicon lottery as it’s a $450 MSRP card, or if my tuning is just off. I’m chillin at 51% power -502 core and +1050 memory using Phoenix miner and MSI afterburner. I don’t have a dedicated rig just a personal pc that I built, and I don’t know if it’s my power supply being an 80 Plus Bronze that’s making the efficiency difference or what. Motherboard is a B450, I believe that I don’t have access to control voltage because of my board, idk if that has anything to do with it, but the option is locked out in afterburner. Also I seem to be getting a ton of stale shares at like a 13%+ rate and sometimes it’ll crap out incorrect shares. I’m very new to the this but I’m doing the most research I can, I’m just kinda stumped at the loose ends right now. Rest of my pc specs are a 3700x water cooled (aio) 16GB 3200 ripjaws ram, 750W 80 bronze corsair psu.

  10. Been researching for a while and this is BY FAR the best video I have found! Good work! I can't find any GPU's right now though(in the US). Do you happen to have any suggestions? Thank you!

  11. live in indonesia with f expensive electronic device to buy. just for GIGABYTE GEFORCE RTX 3060 TI EAGLE price is about $580. 45% mark up price from the price u listing. even tough electricity a bit less than other country $ 0.067/kwh its going to make ROI and break even will more longer. poor miner in our country :(( may u choose the good one card in this case to build my rig? really need some advice

  12. Nice video as always <3
    I am planning to invest into some 1660 Super because i want to mine something else than ethereum and most importantly they are the only GPUs which are not inflated currently on my side of the world. Stock is also very high for them which generally means discount prices are on their way lol
    Have a great week ahead and take care <3

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