1. There are a lot of ways that you can easily mine Bitcoin and ETH but the infrastructure cost is going to be very high and it requires much higher computational machines and maintance cost is more too

  2. Hi all, my name is Farah. Currently my son is having problems with a tumor in his head and it could possibly life threatening. I hope someone can help by donating or share this message to others. Estimated cost of the surgery is around 20,000 usd and i needed another 12,000 usd. I'm really thankful if someone can help me.

    Since we're from different countries around the world, crypto really useful. My husband died last year due to covid-19.

    Please… If you can't give much, even a little is enough for me.. I just don't want to lost anyone anymore..

    Metamask id,

  3. I didn't understand what 'transaction' is in the variable text. Can someone explain me what is this this string and why do we need it? And where do I take this string

  4. Tesla said it had invested around $1.5 billion in bitcoin and expected to begin accepting payment for its cars and other products with it in the near future, prompting a 9% jump in the electronic currency. Tesla said in a filing the decision was part of its broad investment policy as a company and was aimed at diversifying and maximizing its returns on cash. It said it had invested an aggregate $1.5 billion in bitcoin under the changed policy and could "acquire and hold digital assets from -time to time or long-term". Tesla’s investment is another sign that the cryptocurrency is gaining widespread traction as a type of investment. Bitcoin still remains the Future of Finance, I will advise every investor to keep buying and accumulating, or better still if you want to make more profit with what you already have, get a Great Mentor and teacher like mine (Mr. JEFF S) to guide you through, I have made over 9Btc profit since the October Rally, thanks to my mentor T-R-A-D-E-O-P-T-I-O-N🦠FUND

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