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Bitcoin News In a move that cooled global bitcoin prices. Turkey’s central bank barred the use of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets to buy products and services. citing potential “irreparable” harm and major transaction risks.

The central bank stated in legislation published in the Official Gazette on Friday. That cryptocurrencies and other digital assets based on distributed ledger technology could no longer be traded.

At 0754 GMT, Bitcoin (Bitcoin News) was down nearly 3% against the dollar. at $61,490, following the Turkish ban, which was criticised by the main opposition group.

Crypto assets, according to the central bank. They are “neither subject to any oversight and supervision mechanisms nor a central regulatory authority,” among other security concerns.

Latest Bitcoin News News covered the sidechain project Smart Bitcoin Cash Project (Smartbch) during the first week of April. As the group was very enthusiastic about this new venture.


Smartbch is a smart sidechain built on the Bitcoin Cash network. That aims to link Ethereum’s EVM and Web3 APIs to a smart sidechain built on Ethereum’s EVM and Web3 APIs. On April 7, 2021, Satoshi’s Angels cofounder Cindy Wang interviewed Smartbch’s lead developer Wang Kui. Who outlined the many benefits Smartbch would bring to the crypto ecosystem.

Smartbch: Bitcoin Cash TPS Maximization

People are bullish on bitcoin cash (BCH) for a variety of reasons. With including the fact that the digital asset has been processing more transactions every day than bitcoin (BTC) since February. Furthermore, advocates such as Kim Dotcom, an internet entrepreneur. They have been spreading the word about the many advantages BCH has to offer. Dotcom intends to use BCH to fund his content monetization app Decentralized finance (defi) project Anyhedge and the noncustodial network Detoken have also piqued the interest of BCH supporters.

However, since it leverages the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. A recent announcement has BCH fans talking about a sidechain that will communicate with Ethereum in a very cost-effective manner.

Bitcoin has had a huge week. With its price hitting new all-time highs and the Nasdaq NDAQ +1.7 percent listing of Coinbase, a large U.S. cryptocurrency business.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are being overtaken by other cryptocurrencies.

As the Coinbase IPO mania ignited a wave of interest in cryptocurrencies. The bitcoin price came within striking distance of $65,000 per bitcoin this week. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin. It has also risen in value, with the ethereum price increasing by a factor of ten.

“I believe [dogecoin] will hit $1 this year,” says Ben Phillips, a YouTuber and dogecoin investor, through WhatsApp. From its current price of 25 cents, a dogecoin price of $1 would represent a 400% increase. “I’m not kidding when I say this coin is making some ridiculous moves.”

Phillips, a British YouTube prankster with nearly 5 million subscribers. Who claims he’s going to buy more dogecoin, has gotten into cryptocurrencies.


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