1. This silly frame needs 13 fans which will cost around $130. I can use two $15 turbo table fans to move the air with better performance.

  2. This frame cost $175 on AAAave. I don't think it is worthy the money. Open frame only cost about $50. I also use riser-less 8 GPU motherboard to cut the cost.

  3. The frame looks really nice but I agree 10 GPUs would be tight. I tried GPU hangers on a metal rack but I didn't like to look as much as a frame. I personally have been keeping my rigs to 6 GPU builds in HELOIA frames, mainly because they are cheap and I can only put one rig per room in my house…for now! I am running a 30A 240V circuit into my garage next Friday and my space and power problems will go away…for now😊. Thanks for the video, please keep doing what you do!

  4. I just have to say, I understand why companies send stuff to youtubers for free, to promote them, but it has the opposite effect on me, that makes me not want to buy from them.

  5. Wish he would stop shilling for these gougers. AAAwave is sending their frames to him for free and charging us 80% more than the Chinese Amazon listings for identical products.

    Don’t waste your money on branding – AAAwave’s Sluice V2 12-GPU layer frame is $180 while the Saicheng “double layer” 12-GPU frame is identical at $106 on Amazon and ships free just as fast.

    In the great Chinese manufacturing machine of IP-free cloning, who knows whose innovation was the “original.” But that’s the company’s problem to pay for when they choose to manufacture in China – not ours.

  6. Good morning good sir. I've shown you my pics of my setup on discord. DIY stackable 8 gpu Veddha frames and some hanging wire rack. However I just unloaded my 2nd video of the setup etc. Hope u can watch. Just keep living the dream good sir.

  7. I wonder if you could at least get some use out of those 6-pin-to-sata cables by using it to power an ssd on one of those all in one break out boards that power the motherboard too? 🤔

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  9. I have to be honest but when frames first came out there were some affordable options. These days it seems like, as a whole, the prices have gone through the roof. Then as now, I see very little advantage in purchasing most of the options available today at their inflated prices. I appreciate some of the designs but I doubt my money will be spent on them. I'm content to make my own and pocket my coin instead. But as always, the information you share is invaluable to new miners and I hope it encourages them to do their own research. ❤️

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