1. It's a cloud mining platform stablish since Q4 of 2016 to present.
    With real mining farm. You can mine btc,eth,zec,decred,dash and ltc. They offer small invest. You can check scamsite review before investing.
    All withdrawal will be converted to btc even though your mining different coin.


    Paying since 2016.
    With app on Google play store.

    Free 3ths for BTC mining.
    Below 50% for maintenance fee.
    Free 6% discount coupon for buying contract.
    Register now and start earning passively.

  2. Genesis Mining is definitely going places. It is not a biggest mining company with no reason, I feel like my investment is in a good place, and my paymants are regular and on time.

  3. because of this mofos the mining difficuty is to the roof before talking about how hard scaling is talk about how hard is doing a platine youreself or disign a gpu youreself the only way i got gpu´s were used or death ones i backed and mining farms destroy the whole market to make money on crypto, they sometines shipping more gpu than a store even have mofos farms

  4. I do not see by any side, the help to the client, I do not understand this situation, if you provide a service, I need to reopen who can help me with that please? can you contact me and help me thanks

  5. I waiting until november to begins my mining process here, hope have a prosper relationship with genesis mining like many other users… in my city there are also quite friends waiting for new contracts or to see how my investment works because in my country is too hard try to manage your own equipment but anyway I believe that miner in one of the future professions in this century…

  6. Cool, super glad you were able to sort out what sounds like were a BILLION problems you ran into AFTER taking everyone's money. At least you are actually making payouts to your customers unlike some others. Bring back SHA256! I got 5 on it… "Pacta sunt servanda"

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