1. Srsly u seem to be the most humble, realistic, humane and rational mining YouTube. I’m definitely here to stay. Great content, I really appreciate it 👍🏻.

  2. I am a newbie in the mining space and have a question. So basically Ethereum is being secured with 10 million GPUs, while other coins like Ravencoin, ergo, conflux will maybe have 600,000 combined. Won't the rewards for mining either of these coins go to nil if all those 10 M Ethereum GPUs suddenly freed up and started competing for a bit of the much smaller Ergo/ Ravencoin pie?

  3. This is great but where on earth are GPUs this cheap? They are 3x — at least — on Amazon/Newegg. Even trashed used cards on Ebay are 2x. Where do miners actually purchase GPUs?

  4. I am on Nicehash now however, after watching your video tried to run the Trex but it gives and "error on connection and try after 10secs". Any suggestion would help. The idea is to directly mine on my Metamask instead of nicehash.

  5. After ethereum will go to version 2 I can mine ethereum classic right ? Like 20 percent less, but still profit with my electricity for 0.04 dollars right ? I just bought 3080 so I worried

  6. My 3 years old MSI RTX 2080 (non super) Trio X does 45 MH with 99-101 watts (round about 445 KH/W). GPU works 1335 MHz@705mV, Mem 8061MHz (+1261). I think those are rly good numbers compared to newer gens. But I have to pay $0.37 for electricity here in Germany :/. It is still profitable, but only a hobby 😀

  7. That's a nice breakdown and encouraging ! But I would take in consideration the growing DAG files along the way.For example RX580 can hash new at 30MH/s.. in few months there is no way your OC settings will work the same,you need to constantly lowering it as DAG file grows on 8GB GPU,so that same RX 580 will be doing around 26MH/s in few months, maybe even less, but still the best GPU as far as longevity and price per hash. The cost is around $500-$700 new now in the USA.Used about $350-400.Still worthy to buy now, while other GPU's are not worthy for insane inflated prices..Anyways all profit will be driven by market value at given time.If on Xmas ETH will be at $10K, then all GPU's bought today are paid off with vacay on Bahamas…lol Miners in cold areas are benefiting from the heat, that's huge factor too..Miners in south Florida suffer, cuz there is no way to get rid of that heat, if outside is 110F/80% RH during summer.Miner is a heater, I wish it would be an air-conditioning..lol

  8. Hi Sebs, amazing video! Thank you so much.

    I'm planning on building a rig with my father. We really like the 1660 Super, just like you! Do you recommend Mobo ASRock H110 Pro BTC+? We want to set about 20 of them, so about 10 on each rig wouldb be. What do you think?

  9. Iam staying in Kuwait . I mine using nvidia 1660 super on nice hash and the highest rate I get is 25 Mega hash . If I upgraded my card to RTX 3070 , am I going to get higher hash rate ? or is 25 Mega hash the highest rate in Kuwit due to the nature of internet connection , no matter what card I use ?

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