1. From a personal point of view I feel crypto got to be best thing that has happened to the financial market for awhile now. it continues to open room for bulk gains whether in holding or most importantly trading, looking closely at Ethereum it started a fresh rally above the resistance zone against the US Dollar and it seems there is high chance for more upside. and the current trend would reveal the amount of institutes that have embraced the use of the crypto assets to optimal results,thats why i will say ETH is only just in the early stage of a bigger surge. Considering the the bulk return one get from trading than just holding,it might be too late buy an asset while holding but its never late to buy in while trading crypto and with trading crypto i have gained $170K in my portfolio but i didnt do it all by myself but with accurate strategy and signals from an expert trader Chen lawrence . With Adam help I no longer have to worry about the rise and dip of Bitcoin, you can easily get to Isaac on: Teleg: ram: @chentradingi +1 724 228 4787 on whatpp

  2. Holding rvn and mining rvn stopped mining eth when rumors of p.o.s came out. The more eth you hold the more you make sounds good for vitally and no one else

  3. One of the best crypto to mine right now and after Ethereum 2.0 will be FIRO that is based on MTP Algo; electricity costs are lower that others and your gpus won't be in overheat so it mean also lifetime span for them.

  4. If eth becomes proof of stake , then raven coin seems promising , but it needs support from people to increase its value just like btc . who knows it might become the next bitcoin .

  5. Damn, did u just read all that stuff from a spreadshit ? U didnt actually give any actual answer if it will be profitable or not, "critical analysis" = ravecoin bla bla bla half hash rate bla bla bla (some numbers) bla bla bla. the end.

  6. in good consul, there is good judgement. i have recently started to build my first rig, and i can tell you even with all the knowledge out there i have made some silly mistakes. its alot of work, time and effort. this is good data thanks.

  7. I haven't been able to mine ethereum in months. I don't know much about Raven coin. I switched over to ethereum classic with my 4GB cards. It's proving to be relatively profitable.

  8. As always, a superb knowledge sharing session from Carter. I really hope I'm wrong on this – it seems to me at least for now, that GPU mining don't look good after Eth 2.0. The hash power on Eth seems way too much for the rest of the altcoins on POW to absorb it profitably.

  9. Right now the only thing that you can mine apart from Ravencoin that is profitable is Ethereum Classic. Thanks to Vitalik Buterin along with the anti mining community, Ethereum is on borrowed time. They want to get rid of the proof of work algorithm and go to proof of stake instead which is what ETH 2.0 is.

  10. If you switch your eth rig please remember higher wattage do not power risers with molex or sata. Use 6 pin 8 pin only or catch fire….

  11. I hawe been mining SOLO from december 2019 – february 2021… Every people hawe right to mining… but last years it was profitable, and now not any more.

  12. In the long run it's better Ethereum Classic but you are talking about your personal interest. You are pushing people to mine what you are mining, does not look good on you.

  13. Soooooooo you’re saying I should keep putting spare change into raven and hold cause the price should be going up when the mining returns start halving? Sorry I eat rocks half of what I heard I went over my head so I bought more rvn.

  14. the question now is: can home mining survive with nvidia denying cards to miners once again? xd Cryptocurrency is going to be centralized, only businesses dedicated to mining can have access to cmp graphics cards and gpus will not mine efficiently anymore. Have to thank nvidia for that once again…

    And ofc, home miners dont even want cmp to begin with bcs it has no re-sell value, unless ofc it is a good price, which i doubt it will ever be xd

  15. Ok, I'm sort of new to all this but personally, I have to re watch this. My question is…..if the profitability of Ethereum is cut, what are the alternatives to mine? I understand that mining other coins might not be profitable to mine but maybe they will increase in price?! May sound like a dumb question but I'm just trying to find my feet.
    I like the matter of fact of the video, even if I can't understand everything. Subscribed!

  16. I'm new to all this, so maybe I just don't understand, but in the Ethereum dev docs on PoS it says, "For Ethereum, users will need to stake 32 ETH to become a validator.", so will people need $64,000 USD worth of ETH to participate in PoS? Seems antithetical to what mining was supposed to be, where everyone can participate, not "the rich get richer" as it has become. I mean right now you can participate with a 4 year old GPU, after PoS, you'll need to stake a year's worth of income or more, that kinda move would make me not touch ETH out of principle alone.

  17. Hey, I just recently discovered your channel and I really appreciate your effort. Just curious, are you a veteran? I was in and some of your terminology makes me think you are. 😅

  18. If the Ethereum developers insist on cutting profits on ETH then all the GPU miners will disappear. Ethereum will end up with only ASICs on their network and everything will concentrate down to just a handful of ASIC farms in China mining ETH. This is a huge security risk but the Ethereum developers were warned about this but they passed EIP 1559 anyway. They will get what they deserve. If they want the Chinese controlling what transactions get processed and what transactions don't then that's their own fault for passing 1559.

  19. I find the whole "greedy miners" narrative coming from many in the Ethereum community quite disturbing, as if they've forgotten that miners spend time, money, and energy on securing the network. The real greedy people are the ones expecting something for nothing, and assume a 5 figure percentage gain in their "investment" to go with it.

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