1. There are a finite number of bitcoins that can be mined. When they have all be mined nobody will run their bitcoin mining servers. Why is this important? Because these computers are what enables the transactions. What does this mean for people who buy bitcoin? When there are no bitcoin servers left running then no transactions can take place. That means you will not be able to sell your bitcoin. At that point your bitcoins will very suddenly become completely worthless. You have been warned folks.

    The whole crypto currency industry is just a pump and dump exercise promoted by people who make money from you risking your money. Don't fall for it.

  2. wonder if Mike held his bitcoin or got frustrated when he sold his mining shit and sold it all.. tbh if he held ever 1 btc would worth more than his 30k investment

  3. Raven coin now at 0.22 usd so if he kept mining he would have around 200k raven coin todays value 40k usd probably better of putting money direct in to crypto when in a bear market

  4. Fantastic ❤️ The trading system is a set of Trading Algorithms, instructions, and action of the trader, on the basis of the Technical analysis. Technical analysis overly predicts the movement of asset prices regardless of what is happening in the wider or broader market. In each trading system, the conditions for entry/exit, intervals, money management, and Risk management are clearly defined. Trading systems allow you to limit the factor of emotional influence on decision-making, as well as to give the trade a certain degree of systemic character. it can be more obvious that trad!ing is way more profitable than just HoIdlng as we waiting for the pri!ce of the market to skyrocket. Doing Technical analysis can be quite difficult which is why most newbies/traders neglect day trading their coins and stick to Hodling which is very dangerous as when the market goes bearish, they loose their investment. As an Investor, i have come to understand that you can make profit daily by involving in day trading your coins or copying trade alerts from a professional trader as i have been doing with Mr Daniel Nova for the past 6 weeks now and i have been able to turn my 0.7 btc to 4.8 btc which you all traders/investors will see that it is always profitable to day trade your coins rather Hodling. I will advice y'all traders/newbies to buy the dip now and day trade to make profit before the market Sky Rocket 🚀 Mr Nova has 89% trades accuracy and is always able to give a helping hand to newbies. He can be contacted via whatsapp +13019020663 and telegram @dannova1

  5. I would maybe do that if I lived in Island , electricity costs there next to nothing. I personally only invest in Stocks and I have a above avg. ROI / yr. – but crypto is really something just to play around with, and these rigs perhaps are only a good business if you buy them second hand

  6. Gold rush. I remember that. Selling shovels is the best thing. So now it is digital gold rush. What I can sell now is Dropshipping elecronic parts for crypto mining computers

  7. It would be very interesting to see this type of experiment with HEX. Which the equivalent to mining is Staking. It essentially burns 0 electricity and provides you coins for holding onto your existing ones (Similar to a CD for money). Although I am not sure if it could ever be marketed as a get rich quick scheme, so it may not meet the criteria…

  8. It's a bullmarket in cryptos now. This is the time when the money grow fast. However generally speaking, making money in crypto is about patience. When you doing mining you need to know quite a bit about crypto and trading and keep educating yourself. If yo sell your Raven coin to bitcoin now, it will grow. And I agree, the simplest way to make money in crypto is to just invest into bitcoin, you can invest as little as 50 euro and it will, but not over night.
    Bitcoin is the most amazing invention of a human kind that makes poor people to rich. Have a look at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrYmtJBtLdtm2ov84ulV-yg it's my favorite channel.

  9. Assuming my math is right, as of December 2020, Mike’s coins are now worth 1061.69 usd. The is equal to roughly 785.92 pounds. If this isn’t an indication that crypto mining isn’t worth it, idk what is.

  10. Tl;dr mining returns plummet on an exponential scale. Short term results are often 30% but you rarely recover even your initial costs. As long as people don’t understand basic math suckers will always buy in

  11. Mining is hugely – EV for regular folks as the machines make the most money in their infancy and this period is usually sold as 'testing your machines' towards the unsuspected customer. By the time you actually get your machines, you are sold a heavily depreciated asset and literally been screwed over for good.

  12. First class presentation Mike. I have never understood and I still do not understand why Crypto currency increases in value?Do you know what you can actually buy with any Crypto Coins? How/ where can they be converted into Pounds sterling in order to buy e.g. a house, food, fuel etc. I would love to hear you thoughts.
    Regards, Geoff Whittaker.

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