1. The only thing I don't like about RVN is the power consumption.
    Once in a while, an Entrepreneur guru/Influencer like Elon Musk says something in a pro-green way about crypto mining, proof of work and that directly affects the people, backing them off RVN for example.

    Great video, thank you

  2. Mining Will be so fucked after eth 2.. Make sure u pay of yur hardware before then.. Sure mining wont die Completely, think of it as world of warcraft era🀣

  3. Yes I mine rvn and I run two full nodes. It will still have a great future post halving. It's a community coin and community project which has its strengths and a few areas that can be developed but in general its a great coin with great areas such as #nfts (very cheap and easy to do).

  4. I mined a little raven over the last year but as some of these guys stated, I don’t see anything new or exciting happening with raven. Probably be kicking myself later, but I’m sticking to eth and ergo. Good luck all you Ravencoiners I’ll be happy for you if it moons.

  5. I will continue to mine and HODL. I pulled a little hashrate away from RVN, though I am still over 500MH.

    I have learned a little about the project, and I like it! I might setup an RVN node soon here. I have a pile of Raspberry PIs sitting around, so I might as well make use of one of them. πŸ™‚

  6. This is such a great video I LOVE these <3 It is wonderful to get so many perspectives from all different backgrounds and ways of thinking πŸ™‚ keep up the amazing content @Caveman Mining and everyone else! Glad to be a part of this <3

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