1. nice shirt! looking forward to checking out that merch! excited to see how things continue to come along in the mining shed. we have had good success with box fans so looking forward to seeing how things pan out.

  2. Put two stage solar powered led lights in the eves or anywhere to draw them away from the vents; it will pull the majority of the flying bugs away from the vents; because those dudes navigate by moon light; when you add artificial light; it jacks up their internal GPS; then sprinkle "Seven" around the shed to get rid of over 100's of the guys who crawl and that should cut down on them on the out side or getting inside; also there are small low voltage emitters you can plug in that steers little creature away too.

    I live pretty far out in the country; so I have been battling with insects for the last 15 years; along with rabbits, deers, ducks, goats, possums, and more dam frogs because a person down the street left their pool filled for a few years and it became the local hot hookup spot for frogs; you can hear 1,000's of them out there around her house at night just yacking it up.


  3. So impressed with your setup! Videos are great and keep getting better! I'm literally pricing out sheds since I've been watching this series.

    Did you build the shed from scratch or modify a prebuilt? I've been looking at some of the ones they sell at Home Depot.

    I'm probably jumping the gun.. should probably build more miners first lol. Finally getting my new power supplies to fire up my second rig (stoked!)

  4. Hey bro,,, your build looks AWESOME !!!
    I can see U've also added those LED strips and tape magnet, the latter makes life easier, I tend to use the same.

    I would very much love to see temperature readings once everything is up & running for a while !

    I do prefer wired Internet over wireless, I had some issues with wireless connections earlier, U did great bro πŸ‘πŸ»

    Awaiting your next video eagerly !!!

    Sam 🎡😎✌🏻

  5. good to know whats in the screens isnt in the cards for sure. Have you tried compressed air to clean the screens? one of the blower fans for gpu cleaning or perhaps a air chuck on a compressor line? just blast the body's out from the inside. think of it like cleaning the ac, a cheap dollar store dish brush an the blaster pushing air out will send everything outside. kind of like the home ac units, sept without the acid cleaner. You know you should clean those every year.. remove lid hose the coils with acid allow to sit then spray water from the inside out through the coils as it is easier to push it back from where it came and not on through.

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