1. I did it myself too, got a 3k machine some years ago, its not the electricity bill, its the difficulty of mining that kills this whole calculation. if dash or any coin gains value, the difficulty increases.. you cant predict the outcome of mining because the difficulty can quadripple in few days if you want , then your machines become useless

  2. Antminers are only profitable having solar panels or used in countries where the electricity prices are very low.
    You are paying 1.2 Kw x 6 Antminers x 24 h x 30.4 days (one month) x 0.15 pounds per Kw in UK.
    The electricity monthly bill could be increased around 780 pounds. (1.2 x 6 x 24 x 30.4 x 0.15)
    6 Antminers D3 price: around 12,000 pounds.
    Kind regards.

  3. Glad to see this, I can't wait until we get to have an in-depth conversation about cryptos and mining in general, Look forward to pushing some idea, and someone to ask me questions I'll need to think about and research.
    Interesting times, if you're ever in Bham again and you can spare a few mins please let me know

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