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  2. What Software Wallet are you using? i am looking at Exodus i am a small operation in South Carolina and would love to come to you for a visit and get some ideas we are @ 15 and 6 more coming in tomorrow. Than you for the Videos GREAT Work for the new guy – Andrew

  3. Call me crazy– But did I purchase a server from you a couple years back? Have you ever sold a dell server on Craigslist? LOL- Random question, I know, but golly gee whittakers! You look rather familiar, and I'm trying to place the face… Nonetheless, Congrats on your awesome mining setup! And again, great tips! Especially the last one- admittedly, I have the "bug" I've had it for some time now, as you can tell 5am, up programming the new miners, lol… Ah well, carry on my friend, and if you've read the previous comment, any assistance is GREATLY appreciated. Thx!

  4. Hey Neighbor, Alpharetta Here!?! Great Video! And quick question- I have a small farm, and I'm interested in Solo Mining, however, I cannot find an adequate resource for SoloMining with S9s/M3s (heck, any network rigs!)… Is there a resource you can point me to? I'm very close (i think) … Any help would be appreciated, a link, or not sure if you consult? But let me know if you can help. Thanks in advance! ATLRollsRoyce@gmail.com

  5. the thing with cryto investment is everybody want to buy btc when the value is low and sell when the value increases ..that is good but nobody has ever thought about btc mining because its difficult ..Mr bill joshua will help you as a beginner and also show you how to save btc for the future because ethereum will soon take over ..reach him through this mail billjoshua121@gmail.com

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