Cryptocurrency News: Weekend jinx continues

Cryptocurrency News
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   Cryptocurrency News: In the previous 24 hours, top cryptocurrencies have traded lower. It has daily drops ranging from 4% to 14%. Bitcoin fell more than 4% to close at over $35,200. Ethereum fell 6.56 percent to $2291. Dogecoin was also trading lower, down 5.64 % at $0.30. Digital currencies such as XRP, Cardano, Stellar, and LiteCoin have lost up to 10% of their value. Additionally, Ethereum Basic and Bitcoin Money fell 6.42 percent and 7.10 percent, respectively.

       As traders brace for additional volatility over the holiday weekend. Bitcoin fell 7% to roughly $35,500, reverting to levels seen during the crypto crash last week. The Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda joined a growing number of central bankers. These banks have expressed pessimism about the industry’s utility in the real world. It causing digital token prices to plummet.

 Cryptocurrency News show that crypto prices fall on weekends.

                       Cryptocurrency News shows that weekend falls might have a huge impact. This is why because regulators consider the future of digital currency. Here’s why these crashes may be occurring. There is less trading on weekends. And this weekend less trading contributes Cryptocurrencies to volatility.

                                 This is because there are fewer individuals trading cryptocurrency on exchanges. Like Coinbase, Primexbt, and Kraken on weekends. It makes it simpler for huge whales to manipulate the market. And purchase or sell at more advantageous levels to profit more Bitcoins. The majority of individuals are relaxing on weekends since it is customary for them to divert their focus away from the marketplaces. Less trading on weekends is the main cause of price fall on weekends.

McKeon said:

                   “Because investors may not be able to add money to their accounts because banks are closed over the weekend, there is less trading.”

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 Cryptocurrency News show that one another factor of low trading of  Cryptocurrency on weekends is Investors buying cryptocurrencies on margin, or borrowing money from exchanges to acquire more assets. Traders must return the loan if digital currency values fall below a specific threshold, which is known as a “margin call.”

However, if investors fail to repay the loan, exchanges may sell the digital currency to guarantee that the borrowed funds are returned. It’s also plausible that individuals attempting to manipulate Bitcoin prices are a factor. 

Shams said : 

“There are several studies that reveal [market] manipulation.” 

Slump in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies have had a rough few months, with Bitcoin more than halving from its mid-April high due to fears about regulation from the US and China, as well as doubts about the environmental impact of its energy consumption. Elon Musk, a prominent proponent of digital currencies and the creator of Tesla Inc., has gone so far as to refuse to accept Bitcoin as payment for automobiles. Crypto is a difficult job right now; the tape is strewn, and Bitcoin may easily break hard in one direction or the other.

                       Bitcoin has been highly turbulent this week, according to Zebpay, a cryptocurrency exchange, in its weekly transaction report. The currency, which is the most valuable in terms of market capitalization, plummeted from $39,000 to $31,000 before rebounding and again trading above $35,000.

Ethereum, on the other hand, has remained stuck in a tight range. This week, the second most valuable digital currency fluctuated between $2,350 and $2,600 and is now trading at $2,295.”In the second half of the week, the markets began to move upward. Altcoins followed a similar pattern, with initial drops followed by indications of recovery, with BNB leading the way “In its report, the exchange stated. China barred financial institutions and payment businesses from providing services connected to cryptocurrency transactions last month and urged investors against engaging in speculative crypto trading.


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