1. Hello Sir,
    Sir I am From Oman i would like to know can i use Single Phase Electricity for my mining rigs i am planning to build 14-20 rigs each rig will take 12 gpu of 3080 Ti
    Total power supply will be required 3 in each rig 1800W x 3= 5,400 Watts each rig.

    Can i use single phase electricity.

  2. Bitcoin machines are still profitable with cheap electricity… and as I can see towards the end of the video…the owner of the house is backfeeding to their electric company. Its also a pretty informative video 🙂

  3. Why are there still ppl starting up mining lol he's 3 years too late. I doubt that mining rig will even cover the cost to run it NVM return his investment on the rig itself.

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