1. The current bitcoin bounce is encouraging and this recent trend goes a long way to show you that bitcoin is being manipulated by the whales to scare investors into panic selling. As an investor, we should always accumulate and increase our position always because that’s safer. A strong bull run never seen before is upon us which we'll see the price of bitcoin skyrocket, isn’t it common sense to have as many coins as possible so as to exploit and take full advantage of the price mooning?? the smartest way to go about this is by trading to increase your current positions. I trade daily with signals and strategies provided by vicente sanz, he is one of the best crypto expert and signal provider I ever came across in this crypto space and his signals and strategies are simply spectacular with high accuracy to grow your portfolio like it did mine from 3.5 btc to 7 btc in just 3 weeks. Mr vicente can be reached directly on Telegram: @vicentesanz or via ((vicentesanzofficial @Gmailcom))for his assistance on trading bitcoin profitably.

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