1. I got my cards and antminers at IMINERS,CO and they are great group of people. Cards are cheap, support is insane, shipping is fast and they provide wholesale discount. My recommendation.

  2. Thanks for sharing this great video.
    Do you hang GPU cards with zip ties or something else?
    what is the raised object below motherboard to keep it ventilated?

  3. It doesn't matter that you are running half the current. You are running twice the voltage hence the same energy in the end. You can't cheat energy. The graphics cards still use the same amount of energy

  4. Ummm the 220v thing is false. You're not saving a thing. Amperage is half, voltage is double. Wattage is the same. Power (W)=Voltage x Current. You're being charged by wattage not by current.

  5. I use mine to heat up the garage 😀
    Did not bother with cabinet or dust management, more than a year going strong without issues. This fall i used compressor to dust them off a bit.

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