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    Photoshop , premiere pro, after effects basics vachhu Annayya

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  3. నేను నెల రోజుల నుండి pc బిల్డింగ్ కోసం కష్ట పడి, gpu లేకుండా చేసున్న, gpu రేట్ తగ్గినప్పుడు కొందాం అని చూసున్న.

  4. HP PAVILLION 14-dv0058tu

    1.Any heating issues ?
    2. Battery Backup normal office purposes?
    3. Web cam clarity is good or bad ?
    4. Screen Video clarity ?
    5. Overall your experience on this laptop?

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  8. Ila ayithe chala kastam anna but chala chala valuable information cheppav anna again tqs a lot evaru mosa pokunda money loss kakunda manchi information ichav

  9. na laptop HP 15 8th gen 12 gb ram 1 tb hard drive. With Cd slot . Na laptop konapati nundi lag avuthundhi , offline folders anni fast ga open avuthunai kani online sites anni oka web site medha click chesthe min 2 min theskuntundhi , WiFi kuda super speed ga osthadhi. Na pc problem yenti, or SSD vesthe speed avudha ?

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