1. Thank you brother, great video !

    I can imagine the hard work you had to put into this project.


    Sam 🎵✌🏻

  2. Good video and pretty setup. There is a concern with the shed though. You really shouldn't have the powerbox blocked by the racks. Code is technically 3 feet of egress typically, but at least having access to the door in a hurry is huge.

  3. Greetings from Brazil again, my friend! Awesome job with this video. I was exactly looking for this EMPORIA VUE kind of tool. Thanks for the advise and keep making excellent videos, bro.

  4. Watching this video really motivated me. Knowing people have the same problems 😂 I just moved my rigs into the garage, according to you I’m in step 2.

  5. You should make an Odysee account and link your youtube channel to it. It will automatically upload your videos to their platform also so people can watch you there.

  6. The most important subject, thank you for sharing your knowledge I’ve been studying this one quite a bit I upgraded from 6 graphics cards to 13 and now my circuits kept tripping so I’m currently running a extension cord from the kitchen to split the load 😇🚀😇

  7. epic video!thank you so much.i am before step 2 😀 i have 6 3070, 3 1080 and 3 5600xt and the heat was nice in winter but in the summer i want another solution. so thx a lot again!

  8. Thx for the video in detail about the little things that u did. I'm in the homework side of getting into a new main panel and 240v. Once again thanks for the info on your videos.

  9. I have 3 questions that I have not been able to find answers to. First; What is the MAX number of miners that I can have on 1 mining account? Second; Is there any REAL benefit to owning a mining pool over just mining in someone else's mining pool? And lastly; Which mining sties can I deposit and withdraw for a Canadian Bank Account?

  10. Very informative, thank you! You might want to check the National Electrical Code. It usually required around 3 feet free of space in front of the electrical panel (the one in your shed).

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