1. why are the other coins less profitable when ethereum goes away? as the hashrates of ETH go to diffrent coins, doesn't the price or hashrate go up on the others?

  2. So eventually banks and whales will own most of the ethereum and make all the rewards. This just rewards people holding large amounts of eth and these are the people making the rules

  3. Rewards on RVN are gonna be cut by lets say 50% from all the hashrate moving over…. then by another 50% because of the halving. RVN uses more power so most people will not be profitable on RVN which is the most talked about coin for GPU miners

  4. Im new to the cripto world with a weak laptop with a GTX 1060, which i don't know how to calculate my electricity cost and now i see this news, which are terrible news.

  5. I’m not buying a e9 asic miner because right now I’m not liking what I’m hearing because if I’m no longer going to be able to mine Ethereum then. Fuck it. I’ll move onto another coin. I want to be able to mine!

  6. Hey man, thanks for sharing the information. Now that ETH 2.0 is scheduled for August 4. What should be the strategy for miners? What to mine? Can you do an an update video? Thanks again for your efforts.

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