1. Hi, i wanted to ask you a question regarding the "power limit %" option, when the power limit is the default the consume is about 100w but when i lower it to zero there is not change, is it normal? my card is an asus strix A4G 1650s.

  2. RTX 2000 8 gigs and you have a profit card for long time to mining… worth 2 rtx 2000 series than 6 Evga 1650 think about it you take hard consumption for little hashes…
    be smart and make good choices cheap graphics cards are expensive every day in consumption and little return

    few graphics and productive cards are worth more than many weak ones

  3. Nice work, thanks for the effort. Just a small request if possible can you please test this card on Cryptonight-GPU(RYO) and share an informational video on it?

  4. Great, thanks for the video, Now I know how to use after burner on my GTX 760 2 GB
    Edit: Overclocked it a bit, letme see if everything is going on well, imma benchmark some stuff, and then i'll overclock more.

  5. GTX 1650 super is not bad, at all.
    It can mine, might be planning to weather buy this or a Rx 570
    Depends on my budget.
    Or I might just save up some bucks and get the Rx 580 or a 1660

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