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  2. Yudan Ti earned his Ph.D from THE Ohio State University? I'm in! GO BUCKEYES!
    Seems like a cool project. For $400 I think it's worth the risk, especially through PayPal. Much easier to set up than Helium too. No trying to optimize antenna, location, etc. Just need a clear view of the sky and that's it.
    What they do need is a map of current antenna deployments so people can make a decision whether or not it is worth setting one up. I see this becoming like helium where urban areas are over crowded with miners. Good thing for me, I'm out in the sticks 😆

  3. I was wondering, what exactly does the device measure and how does it draw power? Is that little box supposes to be connected inside your house and that white bulb looking thing supposed to be on top of your house? I have no experience with this so any info would be appreciated. Also greay video 🙂

  4. I dont know how exactly its going to be connected. If I live in a flat and the roof is 20 meters above me how is this going to work? I cant decide if i want to order if i dont know even this..

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