1. Ponzi SCEME….buying SPECULATION with your hard earned money. Your money backed by the Federal Government. BITCOIN?, NOT !!!
    Cash allows one to be anonymous, cryptocurrency doesn't and BLOCKCHAIN is just that, the pyramid scheme. No Central bank controller means when the ANTICHRIST comes into the picture it will be regulated by him, and all those who dont receive the mark of the Beast WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BUY AND SELL, IT says this in the Bible. Already there is a similar example of this when one is told they cannot attend a ball game unless they were vaccinated. Block Chain is in reality Peter is paying Pual and Pual is paying Peter. Somewhere in that spiraling speculative digital money really isnt new counted printed or documented money. Its value is based from ONLY the investors who to this day continue to PUMP IN MONEY OF THEIR OWN. Someone at the top will someday PUMP AND DUMP and there will be a lot of angry investors…….LOL
    I cant wait to get the last laugh 😉👍

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