How is Ethereum purchased?

How is Ethereum purchased
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How is Ethereum purchased

The year 2021 is very positive for Ethereum whose value has increased impressively. The volatility of Ethereum attracts investors who wish to bet on cryptocurrencies. However, it is necessary to be vigilant because, as the AMF points out, multiple scams appear online. It may seem complicated to buy Ethereum, but we will show you that it is really easy.


  • How to buy Ethereum?
  • What is the best site to invest in Ethereum?
  • Is it possible to buy Ethereum with Paypal?
  • When should you buy Ethereum?
  • Is it possible to buy Ethereum anonymously?
  • What are the fees when buying Ethereum?

How to buy Ethereum?

Before you can buy Ethereum, it is necessary to have the following:

  • An account on a platform that offers the purchase of Ethereum (like the platforms we recommend at the top of the article or on our comparator )
  • A secure connection: do not connect to your accounts or to your crypto-currency platform from a public network or a cyber-café
  • A means of payment (credit card or via a transfer from your bank account) and you must be of legal age.

We recommend that you educate yourself on how Ethereum works before investing. Once you feel ready, start by taking it easy.


What is the best site to invest in Ethereum?

The easiest way is to test the different sites (before making a deposit) and choose the one you like the most. We offer you an objective classification.

Know that our favorite platform is Binance. It can be a bit complex for the uninitiated but it has a huge advantage: unbeatable fees. Additionally, Binance is the most widely used exchange in the world and offers dozens of other cryptocurrencies besides Ether and Bitcoin.

To avoid scams, use a platform that is not on the AMF blacklist and if you have any doubts, above all, do not hesitate to ask us.

Is it possible to buy Ethereum with Paypal?

It is not possible to buy Ether directly with Paypal. You can buy Ethereum via Paypal but you will have to start by registering on a crypto-currency exchange platform. Your Paypal account will then allow you to deposit money there.

The best way to buy Ethereum with Paypal is through a platform like Paxful. It is a peer-to-peer platform. This means that you will directly buy Bitcoin from another user. This reduces costs but it is not, in our opinion, the best way to start. We recommend starting with Binance or Kraken.

When should you buy Ethereum?

This is obviously the question that all investors ask themselves. When is the best time to start buying Ethereum? We believe that before wanting to invest you have to understand what Ethereum is and above all, you have to be ready to lose everything (and therefore not invest all your money). The volatility of Ethereum is very high. In October 2020, the price of Ether was around €300 and it reached over €3,500 in mid-May 2021.

Is it possible to buy Ethereum anonymously?

It is possible but very complicated. As with Bitcoin, each transaction leaves traces and it is possible to follow each Ethereum from purchase to sale.

Cryptocurrencies are often described as untraceable currencies, used on the Darknet by uncaring people. This is not the case, on the contrary. This is also how a French hacker was spotted by the FBI in 2017. He had received Bitcoins which he exchanged for euros which he then transferred to his bank account.

What are the fees when buying Ethereum?

As with any financial transaction, there are fees for buying Ethereum. If you decide to buy some on Binance, you will not have any fees by depositing money into your wallet. You will only have 0.10% of each transaction which will be taken by the platform to be remunerated. This means, for example, that if you buy €1,000 of Ethereum, Binance will be remunerated €1. Fairly honest in our opinion.

These fees are higher on other platforms, between 0.20 and 3.00% hence our recommendation of Binance. It is therefore not possible to buy Ether free of charge but these are not very important.

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