1. Sounds like one of the pyramid schemes where only those who get in st the top make all the money… as the number of miners increase, everyone's returs diminish… paying those at the bottom less

  2. Hey Charlie, I just turned 43, and I’ve decided to invest in the financial market, I have over $200k invested, I need tips on how to grow that’s to $1.5million in two years and retire at 45

  3. Great videos! I'm in South Philly waiting on some miners I ordered in March/April. Gig, are you planning to keep your miner at the current location if your area gets saturated with miners closer than 300m. I have several "just right" locations in terms of not too close but not too far. Thinking down the road 6-12 months, in your opinion, is it worth relocating to prime spots or sticking with the original location with diminished percentage reward but increased proof of coverage opportunities?

  4. what if i brought One then, im the pioneer here in my location, i saw the map no one were using helium, can i mine helium?? Thanks for answering , btw philippines area.

  5. I'm actually right on the other side of the bridge from you guys in Jersey myself. I just ordered a helium miner and it should be here in the next 8-12 weeks.

  6. Nice to see more Jersey. I'm also near the shore in Ocean County. There is at least one other in the sweet spot near me (whomever it is has 19 total hotspots). I have several on the way. Should get them in May!! Pretty excited to join the party.

  7. Great video and content. I will subscribed and like.

    Planning to buy 10 bobcat miner. Is this gonna work in our country(Philippines).

    Is Rak, Nebra or Bobcat miner good to use in the philippines?

    Hoping someone will answer my question.

  8. Can you please tell me the antenna cable, adaptor and the actual antenna Gigs is using for his indoor minor?
    Its set up the way I'd like to do mine, it also looks like the Nebra indoor miner I have on the way.

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