1. If you dig into phoenixminer you'll see to not use phoenixminer as the owner quit the program a long time ago and the code was hacked or am I mistaken? It's just when you search for phoenixminer you'll see that the owner now a days of the code is anonymous. I would be careful using this miner or am I mistaken?

  2. We wanna see how you connect the Gpu in the motherboard. You use a lot more word that we are not familiar with that since we are just a beginner. Kindly, it was so hard to figure out what you where saying when you connect the Gpu to the motherboard. Thank you

  3. Hey bud. Great video . Really helped me out setting up my hive rig. Could you do that telegram notification video? I tried following the setup on the hive page but can't seem to get it to work

  4. Sounded like these dudes were speaking Spanish earlier. I didn’t understand a fucking thing they were saying. “Grab your motherboard and plug into your 24 pin, then you can boot
    Into bios. Check the rig to see
    If power is restored before you change pcig to the fping. Asus p2z7 got me 4gpu’s onto
    Of the molex on top of the milk crate’s laskus perniver”. I’m
    Like: “the fuck he call me”?? 😩🙁😜

  5. Can i use random cards instead of 4 of the same ones? Just can't get ahold of the same ones but i have like 6 random ones

  6. this is legit one of the best tutorials i have seen on the internet! keep up the good work it was worth all the hours for the making of this video. I will send you a picture of my mining Rig when i get back from work 🙂 excited for your reaction!

  7. How many GPUs can you install on a single motherboard? I saw that you had 2 GPUs installed. I plan to buy the 5500xt, u think that’s ok?

  8. No thermal paste on the cpu? I used a two level shoe rack that was made of metal mesh (plenty room for zip ties) . Of course do not put the motherboard directly on the metal.

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