How to choose the best Bitcoin wallet

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How to choose the best Bitcoin wallet

So, which Bitcoin wallet is the best? For the most part, it depends on your preferences and needs. Some wallets cannot handle all types of Cryptocurrency. Some specialize in Bitcoin only, while others can be used with currencies such as Ethereum, XRP, or other so-called Altcoins.

Although a Bitcoin Wallet may be free to download, you must be prepared for costs when transacting Cryptocurrency. As a rule, the more expensive crypto wallets tend to have better and more accessible customer support. 

If the costs are thus lower, the user has to manage the wallet largely on their own. Unfortunately, no Swedish Bitcoin wallet is currently developed with Swedish support.

To find the best Bitcoin wallet, you should therefore ask yourself the following questions:

Which Cryptocurrency do I want to keep?

Am I willing to pay for a wallet?


How advanced or user-friendly does the wallet need to be?

Below we explain which wallet types you can choose from.

PC Wallets – crypto wallet for your computer

A software wallet works by installing a piece of software on your computer. Certain parts of the information are often stored there, while the most space-consuming blockchains are encrypted on a server.

The downside is that you lose the information if your computer crashes or is stolen. It also means you lose your Cryptocurrency. A successful hacker attack could be another reason.

Mobile Wallets – The crypto wallet for your mobile

Mobile wallets are the same as wallets for the computer. The difference, however, is that it is almost always an app you download instead of extensive software on the computer. It is one of the investors’ most popular bitcoin wallets precisely because it is user-friendly and readily available.

Crypto wallets for Android

Many software wallets work on Android phones. But be sure to do proper research to know you’re downloading a proven, up-to-date, genuine, and secure wallet.

Crypto wallets for iOS

In 2014, Apple decided to block all crypto wallets from the Apple Store. They later changed, and today you get access to more and more wallets to manage Cryptocurrency in your iPhone. 

The good thing about choosing a crypto wallet from the Apple Store is that they have strict requirements for apps to be approved. The risk of downloading a malicious or fake app is significantly reduced.

Online Wallet – crypto wallet on the internet

Web wallets, or online wallets, belong to the category of software wallets. The difference is that you don’t need to download any separate software here, so you simply store your Cryptocurrency in an online wallet. 

As previously mentioned, security can never be 100% reliable in an online crypto wallet. Still, today there are many good security options combined with a backup that can make you safe and secure.

Is Bitcoin Wallet safe and secure?

The most important thing to prioritize is safety. The developers usually work hard to cover up various security problems. In the market, there are plenty of software wallets that are free to download and are also considered to be safe and user-friendly.

However, take as a starting point to be skeptical if you see statements like “Best Bitcoin Wallet” or similar on a website. 

Always go by what reviews and users say about the wallet, not just what the developers claim. Which is the best Bitcoin wallet is really about which features you need.

Regarding hardware vs. software wallets, it’s not necessarily an either-or choice. A safe way to manage your Cryptocurrency is to use a software wallet for ongoing transactions and have a backup of the keys in a hardware wallet.

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