1. Hey.. Nice video but here is not explained where i get that wallet number or worker adress. You used – t1WsPCRzUwF8ynhy7o78CBhe5kBPqM4dWmq and where is mine? There is no accout create at Flypool Zcash. You dont say how. And at coinbase or Bittrex i dont see that wallet number anywhere..

  2. As the price of coins keep increasing or decreasing, so is the profitability of mining them. Both building mining rigs yourself to mine and buying cloud mining contracts are very profitable at the moment and will get you a pretty huge ROI. This is the perfect time to get into the mining scene and start building a steady income. Your ROI depends on the amount of coins you mine. I mine coins like BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH and ETC. Feel free to contact me for assistance via (victorvladimir34@gmail. com)

  3. I seem to be getting shares a lot quicker using nanopool instead of flypool and flypool pushes my card a lot harder and keeps showing temperature changes instead of searching for more shares. I heard that flypool is better and that nanopool might steal some of the zcash .

  4. Damn jsut did all the steps until i needed a bitrixx.. they are not accepting new members lol. I cant find any other exchanges with zcash? any ideers? thanks!

  5. I have an evga 760 and an asus motherboard with an phenon 965 4X
    Can I use my machine to mine and what program can I use. I tried nicehash and it said my motherboard and gpu and cpu was not supported. I need someone who can walk me through all the steps.

  6. BRO… ur card runing to hot! YOU KILLING THE CARD! the life time run very fast if u mining 24/7 at 83C
    set the fan at 90%-99% ! new fan cost 15$ its nothing! cool card better working,hot card drop the performenc rate
    AND KEEP THE GPU LOWER THAN 60degrees! i keep my cards at 47-50C!
    2xGTX1070 ti gigabyte GPU clock 1925 Mem clock 9000 power target 75% = 1000sol/s
    pc case .cooler master haf 942.

  7. So have a question no one seems to be able to answer. I config everything the way its shown , get miner running and then it will randomly just close out. Don't get any warning messages or anything. Sometimes itll close after a couple minutes other times after an hour or more. It is getting very annoying. (this happens on any miner i use, ethereum, zcash etc.

  8. This is so funny. I've been in crypto for a little while now, and just the other day was thinking about all of the different ventures I have been involved with over the years. I thought about Markee Dragon and all of the wow accounts I ran bots on selling accounts and gold. Then I see this today, and it put a smile on my face. Good to see you still around man. I have bought a few keys and game time cards off you in the past.

  9. Ive been mining zcash for over 10 days now and ive been getting paid out every day pretty much… all the sudden i stopped recieving payments into my wallet and its been atleast 3-4 days since ive gotten paid out. I feel like im mining for free and the address in the miner is matched up with my wallet address.. wtf is going on???

  10. Hey markeed you said that i need a flypool account to get an address but i cant find a way to make an account with them. Sorry if this is a super dumb question but i am a total noob at this stuff. And this was my first time ever making a bat file and that was a challenge

  11. First off. thanks for the video.. SuB'd.

    I'm looking to get my first card this week. The MOBO, Processor, PS is on it's way.

    I do have a questions for you. I have access to (2) servers where I work part time for the I.T work there. Server 1 is running Server 2008, the other Server 2012. I also have access to some older PC's that I can throw in some GPU's.

    Can you mine for Z or any other alt coins on machines running server OS's?


  12. What would be the best computer and video card(s) to buy for mining? (Low-cost max return)
    Micro Center in Houston is online and would probably be my place to buy conveniently.
    (NOTE: I am on a fixed amount electric bill so electric cost is not a factor)
    Thus, return on equipment investment and low start-up cost are important factors.

  13. Excellent video. Informative, sound levels were good, no obnoxious music playing over you, covered a topic that I needed information on and extra points for the beard. /cheers

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