1. I can't get it to work. Can someone help me figure it out. How should I restart my computer, should I go into BIOS and say it should boot from the USB thumb-drive? Or Shall I just plug it into the windows OS when it is running?

  2. Hiveos is too problematic for me. If they can figure out had to fix fan speeds I may use it. Had to switch cause they broken autofan feature was buring up my cards by running too low fan speeds; no known fix just countless speculation by many people. Stay away if you can.

  3. You skipped a whole section… HOW did you wind up with workers in the first place? These are needed to get the farm hash, but it seems the noob, like myself, has to go first figure out how to get to the point you're already at.

  4. and if you just create a new worker and save the config file on the Hive SSD? it will automatically recognize that it is the config file, right?

  5. i know this is an old post but thought i would ask just in case someone comes acroos this but when i use etcher to flash my usb it splits it into 3 drives E(HIVE);F;G; and asks to format the 2 that dont have the hiveos on them is that normal ? i have yet to see a video talk about that during install

  6. My rig is up and running on a gigabyte ssd. It can run for days at 100% accepted rated. However the moment i start to make changes to settings or overclocks and save these changes, i lose the connection which is very frustrating. The miner however continues to mine bit i cant use the interface anymore. What cause this problem ? Help needed cause it is very frustrating…

  7. Has anyone tried creating a Hive OS flash using a Mac? I am not able to edit the rig.conf file or add anything to the flash I just created on my Mac. Might need to resort to doing it on a friend's Windows computer. More support for users using Macs to do this would be appreciated.

  8. Just got my rig up and running with 1 gpu. However my balance stays at 0dollar and the miner is running (phoenixminer on ethermine). When will i get a payout to my wallet (metamask)?

  9. Hello! Thanks fo much for yout work HashRaptor!

    I'm trying to mine ether with HiveOS using my r9 290 4gb connecting it with HiveOn mining pool and Lolminer (adding –4g-alloc-size 4078 in config to use zombie mode).

    When I launch it it gives me errors like:

    – GPU fault detected: 147 0x0ee44402

    – GPU fault detected: 146 0x0204c40c

    What am I doing wrong? Could anyone please help me?

    Thanks a lot guys

  10. thanks was a lot of help. My rig did not like any of my usb thumb drive. So had to grab an old HD to get up and running. Now just waiting on my server PS set up to get here so I can start to move in my other cards.

  11. HI there,i really like your guides, i have literally just finished building my first mining rig (6 x 1660 super rig) I had it running on windows tonight but my mh/s was 24mh/s per card, told to use hiveos and should see 30mh/s you have a new subscriber ty, happy mining.

  12. Not sure why people making tutorials believe background music is necessary. For ppl with OCD, it’s easy to spot when it repeats. Annoying AF. Makes it difficult to listen to your words after.

  13. Nice vid but i always get my worker offline, cant get through that although im doing the same except im using my pc and not another rig

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