1. I'm not really quite sure what's the exact name of the apps at the Play Store. Great video by the, it makes me want to start mining using an android device.

  2. Awesome techniques to mine bitcoin through mobile phone. Hash rate matters alot. Usually I am using laptop for mine my bitcoins. So I scheduled particular times. after watching this video . You guys made my process very simple through android smartphone.
    it's a nice video tutorial about Mine Bitcoin installing procedure in android phone. I like this video. Thank you for sharing .

  3. Minergate doesn't support android mining anymore. You can find apks around but they don't run very consistently. It would be helpful if you could provide links in the description

  4. GPU mining for BTC has been dead for a very long time and you will waste more money doing this on a phone than anything. Cost of phone and electricity > rewards

  5. Glad to hear from you the latest update about bitcoin. And now it is easier to mine bitcoins through android device, simple and convenient for everyone.

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