1. brilliant tutorial, however my 2020 Mac Mini is working with the same 2.2 Mh (obviously) and it’s impossible to do anything on it simultaneously with the mining, it looks like I won’t be even earning that 18 cents a day 😔

  2. I tested this out last night and I don’t think it’s worth it for me to continue. It was from 11pm- 7am the next day. And the total I got was $0.03 cents for all that time. It was fun testing it out thoughts thanks for the guide.

  3. I understand all the comments about 18 cents, but remember Eth price will go up and that’s better than nothing, in my case my pc’s and Mac’s are solar powered so no energy cost to me. All I say is baby steps are better than no steps. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  4. Thx for the video, dude!

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  5. Why would you both mining on a Mac? You can spend just as much for a Windows laptop with RTX 3060 and get 40 MH/s instead of a measly 2 MH/s you are getting here.

  6. Interesting, at $0.18 per day with a 120Wh consumption, it has a return of about $0.16 per day accounting for the power consumption. Not moon beams granted, but still a significant return on energy spend alone.

  7. Hi @BarTech TV Thanks for the video, very informative! Maybe I missed it, but do you have a video to show how to do this on a non M1 MacBook? Or, if not, could you advise if it would be worth it to setup mining on a 2018 MacBook Pro 15, 2.9 i9, 32gb RAM, Radeon Pro 560x 4gb?

    Thanks again

  8. Ethermine has minimum payout 0.01 every second weekend. So you will need with 2.2MHz about half year to hit 1st payout. To get 0.01 ETH (with current price 25$ 😉 So you can do probably 50$ and than ETH will go ETH2 😉

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