1. Hi I started mining following your steps. The mining process has started but mine only 2 cards are running whereas 4 cards are detected ( I mean 2 1660 super cards are running and 2 2060 cards are not running ) what do I do now. Can you please let me know

  2. Do We need to purchase any hardware specifically except PC and Graphic card, I mean you said that wallet is Hardware ?, I am illiterate in this field, Please don't mind for this long question. Thanks in advance

  3. Hey bro thanks for this but I have questions, first how do I stop or pause mining, and where is my info stored, for example how much I have mined. I mined for 2 hours and it showed like 0.00072 or something and showed 28 days. How will I store this info and the amount of ethereum I have got, how will I resume from there ?

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