1. Thanks for this video, Seb! It seems you ALWAYS know what I need. I inadvertently purchased a version 3 3060 XC and was getting only 27.12 MH/s on ETH, so I followed this video and switched it over to RVN. Still dialing in the OC settings at the moment.

  2. Ok so can i use one for mining and the other one for gaming? Would be there any problems? I have 2 3080 for mining on my rig and a 1080 for gaming on my gaming pc but i was thinking i could plug in the 1080 on the rig and use it for gaming and just sell the the components of my gaming pc 馃檪

  3. Hi Sebs!…greetings from Argentina. I find your videos absolutely invaluable given the amount of information you share. Many of them have been of great help for me. So thank you, keep doing this great work. I would like to know how did you manage the power cables for this 3070麓s. I saw your video about how to safely power your mining rig. Which would be the best way with this gpu麓s? (always considering ATX PSU麓s). I currently have a little mining rig with two of those and I am looking forward to add a couple more. Are you using one dual connector pcie strand for each gpu with a splitter for the dual 8 pin connector, and the other conector from the strand for the riser?. I will really appreciate your comments.

  4. Seb. You are now my favourite. Linus tech just got skipped to second.
    Hope you reach 1millionsubs asap… 馃榿馃榿馃榿馃憤 Lol.
    Then donate me a 3070 the surprise one 馃榿

  5. Thanks for making these videos, it really makes the a difference for someone that is new to mining, the learning curve is steep. Keep up the good work kompis 馃檪

  6. I Have more complicated question. How to mine multiple coins with multiple drivers of different GPUs on the same rig? I Have some 3060s with 470.05 for ETH, but when I install this driver, I cannot see others 3070tis for RVN. I tried install new driver, remove 3070ti, install 470.05, but once I gave back 3070ti, I have again new driver on all cards. Is there any solution?

  7. Hi Seb, I know you designed the rig with fans blowing upwards, which makes sense, but makes cable management slightly harder. I was wondering if there is any advantage to mounting Fans on the front of the Rig to blow air from the front to the back of the cards, OR if it is better to mount fans on the back of the rig to blow air from the back of the card to the front of the card. O and I refer to the front of the card as the side with the display and HDMI ports. I saw in this video of yours with the store bought rig, that the fans are mounted at what I refer to as the back of the cards, and I assume they blow the air towards the front of the card as opposed to sucking the air away from the card. My plan is to put fans on the front and the back with one side blowing and the other side sucking. (Just realized this post might get marked for review due to all these punny words.) I just want to get the airflow direction to be the best if one is better than the other.

  8. I have a problem with my rig, i have two 3070ti from different brands mining RVN, but one of them start normally but after that the hashrate drops after a minute or so, i noticed that the core clock drops too, i tried almost everything and no solution
    I would appreciate your help.

  9. I have this igame white 3060 ti but how to reduce the power consumption. I did use msi afterburner but all overclock are working except power limit. Msi afterburner shows 80% but it draws full power I. E. 215 watt which is tdp. Pl help

  10. I have two GeForces one is a 3090 and the other one is a 3090Ti however when I tried to run the gpus after installing Windows 10 me and my homie experienced a Black Screen Issue. So far I鈥檝e done a bit of research online and was thinking about maybe a possibility solution could be to update the Drivers for GeForce GPUs. I鈥檓 still not sure tho so what would you suggest?

  11. i have a question please, and how to end the task for RAVENcoin because with that tasks schedule when is coming the timefor ETH mine it stay both open t rex, for raven and eth, need one to close and to start the other

  12. Hi Seb got a newb question, I鈥檓 adding x2 3070 onto gaming rig with a 1080 in it, gotta 1600w psu planning to add 2 or 3 more cards when they鈥檙e available.
    Is it wasted watts having an over the top psu then needed whilst building?

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