1. I have several applications (VSTs) installed that contain QEMU and Haxm, but always, before installing I extract the executable with 7zip, in the extracted folder there are 3 installers, VST, Haxm, and Qemu, I check for viruses in the installer I want (VST) with Avast, MalwareBytes and virustotal site, and no virus is detected in the extracted VST installer. So I have installed several plugins, but I always do this method. Does anyone know if Malware is "installed" if doing this method of separating VST from Haxm, and from QEMU?, detail: QEMU is not in my task manager, but it's in a hidden folder on disk C (but I put all files in avast quarantine) and it's also in regedit (but I deleted all QEMU files)
    , am I free from this malware?

  2. In regedit, do you also delete folders? because always above the QEMU file there is a "default" file (not defined value), do you delete the folders together with this "default" file?

  3. Champion!! I couldn't see the qemu folder in Program Files, even when show hidden files was on, but when I typed qemu in the addess bar where it says "This PC > Windows > Program File" it showed up

  4. was wondering why i cant play on steam without crashing every game, found 3000mb cpu usage by qemu on task manager…christ lol. thank you so much

  5. Due the youtube bug, it's been 3 weeks i can't reply to old comments here anymore idk why. Even it said my comments has been added, the comments will automatically removed. If you have any question, please don't reply to other comments. Just start a new comment.

  6. I am wondering about if this is necessary to keep since I use VirtualBox for my virtual machines. Is this program necessary for VirtualBox or can I uninstall it and VirtualBox will not be affected?

  7. Basically:
    – qemu is a virtual machine, basically an emulator of a computer
    – the virus would set it up so that it starts some low weight operating system and run it hidden
    – then on that virtual machine (VM for short) an actual bitcoin miner would run
    – it's made that way because antivirus would have to be installed inside of that virtual machine to detect it as a bitcoin miner and most viruses won't detect VM as a virus because they're widely used by many different people for many different purposes not related to hacking

  8. This trojan is now recognized by Windows Defender. My internet connection got messed up for a week and then realized windows defender found a threat and it was this qemu coin miner trojan. It removed the trojan and my connection is now working fine.

  9. Really thanks I just uninstalled qemu and now removing the registries…Its really a pain. I have to manually search everytime for qemu after deleting one file. I would give a future update if the problem still persists

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