1. why are 4 1/2 months of my coinbase 2020 staking transactions not imported? after synching w/CB only may thru dec is imported. i tried resynching but still same. your online support is very slow and not resolving this issue. please help!

  2. Hello, thanks for the information. I have a question. For example: let's say I mine bitcoin and I have 2 coins worth $100k and my tax bracket requires me to pay $25k in taxes.. If I have to sell some crypto in order to pay the taxes from mining do I also get taxed on the transaction of the sale to pay the $25k in taxes? Thanks!

  3. Hey man, looking for some help. I’m going to use this software for this upcoming year. I transfer my BTC payout from NiceHash to Coinbase. Which one of those companies would I contact for a csv file or log of my transactions. Also, do you know if either of those services offer that and if I would have to ask for it, or if I can pull it myself?

  4. Does anyone use Betterhash as their mining software? How do you handle betterhash's auto transfer feature where it automatically converts alt coins in to bit coin?

  5. How does it get the us dollar value of the asset if we don't input that? Does it get the value of it at the time of receiving it or at the time the report is created?

  6. How would I plug the information in if I do the following: I get crypto from mining, send that crypto to coinbase, and deposit for cash from coinbase. I am very new to this so I am extremely confused. If I were to add my coinbase data as well as my mining one, would it calculate double because of the gained funds on coinbase that are actually just being swapped between there and the mining software? Thanks!

  7. CryptoTrader, how do you claim interest payout on coins for say Celsius and Nexo? They pay the interest amount in coins instead of Usd.

  8. Where does crypto trader get's it's Crypto prices? each exchange has it's own price at any given time. When mining what price index is used? Thanks

  9. would there be two taxable events if you receive and use crypto currency to run your mining services business. income and expenses converted to US dollars on the date received or used and then gains and losses on the crypto currency used correct? FMV of date received vs FMV of date used generating a gain or loss?

  10. Hey I used a cloud mining service and used some of my daily payouts to reinvest in additional hash power. I also had a maintenance fee so my daily payout didn't show what I was actually left with. Do these things need to be included on the excel sheet I import or do I just fill in the total daily payouts (payout excluding the fee) even though it will show I received more than I actually did?

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