1. help I just impulse bought a 6 pack riser and a 850W PSU as well as a Add2PSU chip for literally no reason I dont even have GPUs to power only a GTX 1070 a GTX 660 ti and a MSI N650. the 660ti and N650 was in my basement. and they're practically unusable for mining(lolMiner requires a minimum of 4GB VRam iirc)😂😂

  2. Just as I was trying to figure out how to run a 1000w,850w and 650w without plugging into the asus b250 mobo, Thanks Seb you have helped in my journey, I look forward to your next video man and great work on this one.

  3. Great video!Love from China🥰 High quality!Such a joy to watch!👍Vibe is so so so comfortable!Hope you become big in the future!Let us see😎

  4. Really helpful!. Any website that you recommend for buying PCIe cables?. As many times, PSUs don't come with enough PCIe cables for 3-4 GPUs. Thanks!

  5. It does not short the pins after the first PSU is turned on, it shorts at the exact same time. If you notice, the wires are going to the exact same pins on the male plug so they are both shorted at the same time.

  6. Please, Can someone help me to overclock my graphics card without breaking its warranty for Mining. With two cards as of now, 3070 and 3060. But i get only 25 and 20 mhz and sometimes 48 & 35. I know it has to be OC done but i need experts advice to do it without breaking the warranty. Please suggest what are the settings to be done ?

  7. As someone who has used multiple power supplies in a few rigs, the main reason you'd want to avoid mixing power sources from different PSUs is the effect of minor voltage differences between the 12V rails (which in some cases are not minor), can have on your components. This can be especially dangerous if your grid occasionally experiences brown outs or voltage spikes/drops, as each individual PSU will be able to maintain it's target 12V voltage differently. If the 12V from the riser and the 12V from the PCIe strand diverge too far, this can have potentially catastrophic effects on both the GPU and PSU. I almost killed my Seasonic Prime unit during a brown out, when I accidentally powered the riser of a connected card via Molex from my other PSU, My Seasonic unit was acting as the secondary unit and was connected via the "add2PSU" chip. Luckily with their 10 year warranty the distributor was able to provide me a quick fix (I think a cap blew out), but it could have been a costly mistake.
    You also really want to make sure you spread your loads in a meaningful way when using multiple PSUs, to avoid loading one PSU up to 100% while the other one works at 60% load capacity. So e.g. 4 GPUs on one PSU & 3 GPUs + MB + fans on the primary (assuming all GPUs have the same power draw and both PSUs have the same Wattage capacity).

  8. Hi Seb. If you can, I think you should do a video on server power supplies and how to power them correctly. For example, I was wondering how many watts a 6 pin break out board connector could supply and to my surprise, I was told by Parallel Miner that all of the 6 pin connectors are linked, so as a result you could in theory pull 1,000 watts from a single 6 pin connector on a 1,000 watt power supply. Now not a good idea since the 16 awg wire can't support that, however that is the point. How many connections from a single 6 pin break out board can you safely make. Below is the actual response from Paraell Miner I received when asking that question. If I read what they say correctly, then 10 amps for 16 gauge wire x 12 volt = 120 watts x 3 = 360 watts for a single 6 pin connector. That would seem to indicate you can hook up 2-8 pin connectors OR 1-8 pin and 2-6 pin connectors to each 6 pin connector on the break out board, but no more. FYI, I'm guessing English is not their first language. Anyway, I'm not saying I have figured this out. Just saying I think it would be a good topic to cover if you are able.:

    he break out board doesnt have a limit as per say, all he 6 pins connector are link.

    So you can draw 1000w if you want.

    Problem is the cable will melt

    the power limit of any electric cable is base on its size. Here we have 16AWG stranded copper and they are three pairs per PCI-E cable. The extra 2pin are ground. Found the amp rating of 16AWG wires “Chassis rating” multiply the amp rating x 12volt = Watt then multiply by 3 pair. (Amp_Rating X 12) X 3 = Maximum watt per PCIe cable. To be on the safe side of things I would use only 80% of the result so X 0.80. "

  9. i didn't know you could connect more than 2 psu's for the same rig, great find and now i solved my 6 3080's rig dream without spending more on psu's

  10. Hey Sebs, great video as always. I am starting to change my PC from a desktop to a rig. Just got 3 rtx 2060 (it can mine ergo, rvn and hashes nicely in octopus…) so I will have 1 x 3060, 1 x 1080 and 3 x 2060, a small rig but my first.
    I had some issues trying to set the 1080 outside in a riser, it is detected by windows and GPU-Z but not by afterburner.
    I think my pcie x1 slots doesn't work properly… I will change it to the 2060 and see if it works.
    Have you had this issue before? I may have to change all pcie in my bios to gen 1 btw…
    Regards and again, congrats for the video!

  11. If a 450w non-modular PSU only has one PCI-E (6+2 pin) cable, how many times can it be safely split? For instance, how many 1660 supers can I safely run on a 450w psu which only has one pci-e cable?

  12. This is an excellent guide for using multiple PSUs. Many thanks for creating it. If you're taking requests, I'd say another great beginner's guide would be cooling. Like how to use the fans (back or front), which way to blow air, how to use external fans as you have in your setup etc.. Thank again for the great content.

  13. Hi Seb, will you please answer my question and doubt, I have one power supply Silver Stone Technology Strider 1200W 80 Plus Platinum Modular and according to your experience I would like to know if it is work with 7 gps 1660 super?

  14. Great video. I´m using dual PCU's for my rigs, going way overboard too. 2x corsair 850w on rig 1 and 2x EVGA 850w on rig 2. both draws about 1000w. they barelly gets warm, and using just a simple cable to short the start on the slave PCU. have them connected on 2 GPU's each(risers and gpu). Also have them connected on different fuses(the 2 corsairs on one fuse and the two EVGA on another). I´m mostly working away from home, and my offtime i usually spend in my cabin, so trying to think about safety(mostly of my neighbours).

  15. Hi
    I use two power supply without any additional plug I use four number pin with ohm meter to find the connection to other power supply and connect tham together now my all power supply on and off together now I want to add one more power supply and only to contact same way thx

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