1. i need a video on troubleshooting. i have an apu for running the os but as soon as i plug in the riser i don’t get any video signal through the mobo or the gpu itself

  2. This is how you burn your house down. DO NOT USE SATA for power unless it's for fans or hard drives ONLY
    . Only use PCIE power. Molex is questionable depending on the pin's amperage.

  3. You didn't talk about plugging in the graphics cards to power outside of the riser. This complicates things immensely. I am running into an issue where I am literally using 3 pcie slots on my gpu because it is recommended that I do power through seperate cables (6,8,6). Any recommendations?

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  5. Hey sewall. Not giving you a hard time. But can you defend your position on using sata and molex config?? I'm new trying to follow and the video is confusing. Do I see in the back top of the GPU its also connected via 6-8 pin? So, do you connect 6-8 pin also. The comments below other than sata, molex and about catching fire is correct, but everything else was confusing. thanks.

  6. Literally every thing in this video is wrong. You don't use SATA connections to power risers with modern GPUs unless you want to fire. Also pcie 1x works fine in a 16x slot.

    Basically, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

  7. Im already mining with a few computers, but im not using these risers. I want to, but i dont get how a 1x to 16x connect isn't losing lots of bandwidth… The only answer I can think of is that the gfx cards still register to the OS and it just runs with 1 pci lane, which might be fine for mining because mining doesnt require lots of bandwidth to the card… am I right? If so, then this would not perform well for the classic use of graphics/rendering/etc because textures and 3d model data definitely uses the bandwidth. otherwise, no special drivers, right? plz let me know!

  8. Bro.. thank you. Omg so many videos that people just skipped the important and basic steps or just overcomplicated the simple process. Much appreciated brother.

  9. Sata power only supports 50watts. Risers can use up to 75 normally. Or 90 under other conditions. Molex can handle 150 watts. Never use sata to power risers. Molex if you have to. And 6 pin best case scenario.

    Please don't use sata for anything other than hard drives. Or case fans.

  10. On the bottom of the 4 riser cards, attached to each graphics card, there is a piece of soft rubber, meant for letting the card rest on a flat surface, and insulate if that surface is metal.
    In any pro commercial mining rig frame, you will see these cards rest, and in some cases are bolted to the surface, for easy installation and removal of cards for service or replacement.
    Because if you have 1 card for gaming, you might see a card fail every 10 years. With 10 cards mining, you will see a card fail every 12 months. Also, new cards will come.
    That piece of soft rubber will come off in a few days due to heat melting the glue, and these rubber pieces will fall off. Mine did.
    If one of those pieces lands on the power supply, CPU fan or gets sucked into any near-by graphics cards fan, you will:
    for one: get less MH/s, second: Have your parents house lit on fire

    I am not arguing that you cannot keep your cards hanging like that, but you have to be aware of what might happen.
    It is also a good idea to keep cards separated by at least 4 inches, and have dedicated fans blowing to keep them cool.
    Their temperature will, after a few weeks, be all and everything you care about.
    Installing the rig in an outside shed, or purchasing air condition for 1000 $ is one of the many ideas that will spring to life.


  11. Ayyyyy! You copied me with the exact same rack and configuration with hanging gpus!!! Holy shit though actually thought I was a crazy person, SUBBED!

    I'm not kidding I only just built it yesterday, exact wire rack. I've never felt so validated in my life

  12. Question: I have several 6-pin outputs on my power supply, but they are marked as SATA — Does that mean the PSU will only output 54W from those, or can I buy some compatible 6-pin cables and go from my PSU to the risers with them?

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