just using the newest radeon software (wattman) to OC my single card.
    i am getting MAX 15Mh – with 1342MHz GPU and 2100MHz VRAM, and Mem Timing LvL2. at 90watts.

    GPU-Z shows Bios V

  2. Cool video!
    Can You please give us a template of a start.bat file?
    I noticed that you can adjust the volage using phoenix bat file, can you give a link to read more about this?

  3. When plugging your amd gpu to claymore. Does anyone get CUDA error? Should I worry about that if so I know I can't fix it. But then on claymore miner it says its still "combining gpus" and still says getting new jobs but never mines anything. Also my device manager has a yellow mark on my 2 gpus out of 4. Should I uninstall and reinstall the drivers? Any help would be great

  4. Cool video, but my rx580 is at 24.90 mh on daggerhashemotto on hicehash OS….. I cant change any settings on the card because its running in lunix and nothing works with it. All overclocking software i have found only works in windows… BBT i would really appreciate any help im new to mining this is my 2nd day.

  5. QUESTION: I have 3x Asus RX580 and 3x MSI RX580, some 4gb, some 8gb, 3 Elpida and 3 Hynic; Where can I find the best BIOS ROM to flash them ?
    I found a few VBIOS on tomshardware but I have no idea which one is good ? Can anyone help ?

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