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  3. Hey guys and girls!
    In looking for some expert advice.
    Or at least from someone whos clued up and could help as I'm pretty sure VoskCoin wont have time for this haa.

    Basicaly I have built a campervan and I travel a lot so I would be changing locations often, I was looking Into HELIUM miners but the waiting time is unbelievable and I seen that if I noce more than 900uards I think that's like 300m then I have to sync with the block chain that takes around 2 days and latter on would have to pay a fine for changing locations. I would be happy to suffer sine loss of coins but not a fee for location change and 2 day sync.

    I'm looking for a miner similar to Helium that does bot require Ethermet cable. And is able to be transported.
    If anyone know or have heard of anything and could share their knowledge that would be brilliant!
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hey Man. does this thing gonna work here in Pakistan? All people over here are in frenzy for Bit or Etherium mining with GPU, but the graphic cards prices are skyrocketed to a level of a single month mining profit. Please guide. thanks

  5. Hey voskcoin , first of all , congrats on your new green farm. You got great contents my friend. cheers. I got one question regarding these Helium HNT miners ( Bobcat 300) , i am based in india , can i install one miner in LA, USA and one in switzerland and operate the app from here in India? Is bluetooth the connectivity available?? And keep up the great work.

  6. May i ask if helium mining is already applicable in philippines? What can you suggest mining device model to buy for philippine country area?thanks

  7. Im looking to buy my first Helium miner, but i havent found out a single website selling them with the payment option for BTC. That is the only payment option i can provide at the moment..

  8. I'm really new to crypto mining. I'm currently just chugging along with my 1660 Super making about $4.00 per day before power. Helium has intrigued me though, I have 3 different geographic locations all within 10 miles of each other and more than 900 meters. If all 3 are activated would it create a witnessing and challenging mesh or would I just have 3 miners making 4 to 5 bucks a day (which I still don't think is bad). BTW Tails is AWESOME!

  9. Why did you talk about the first 3 miners and when you got to the white helium miner you announce it's no longer available? You could've made that the first thing to tell us after displaying it throughout the first half of the video. Great post otherwise. 💯

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