1. They are called shitcoins, learn your terminology. 🙂 I was a shitcoiner and a shitcoin miner in 2015-2017 but I read and researched a lot and now I can distinguish a scam from an innovative technology with actual use case.

  2. When he says it +15 degrees in the UK from normal. Yeh probably from all the green house gasses created by producing the electricity that Ur constantly using to mine Ur crypto currency (karma xD)

  3. At the end of the video there was a hint of a continuation video but there was no active link that I could find. Is this coming or how do we see the video. I am most interested in finding out the return on investment (include hardware and power costs). Is this profitable or is it a hobby for these folks? Mining the most profitable coin is meaningless if you are actually mining the least unprofitable one.

  4. Why give spotlight to people who are responsible for Graphics card shortage and price hike!? Even Nvidia is telling retailers to not give graphic cards to crypto miners!

  5. Why do people waste energy and time on this… Is this just about getting rich by chance? Why is this even on Computerphile? Nothing interesting in this video.

  6. Lol lots of salty people on here. Tells me they don't understand the implications of this technology. Its like watching videos from the early 90s and having them say the internet is a waste of money/resources and that it has no use cases.

  7. It's insane that gamers think they have any sort of entitlement to graphics cards. A GPU is an SIMD expansion card with a plethora of use cases, gaming being just one of them. Everyone has the same entitlement to one and, if demand becomes too high, the market will adjust. This works in exactly the same way for any other product.

  8. Crypto is like a Ponzi scheme except it also wastes massive amounts of energy and makes PC gaming prohibitively expensive for consumers.

  9. its absolutely disgusting that the best available graphics cards are being put to such a shameful waste of time. i wish the calculations for the coins were useful for something… or that there was some way to eliminate the requirement. its such a shame

  10. i seriously cant wait for all these currencies to die. getting pretty sick of these current hardware prices across the board (literally and figuratively)

  11. It's interesting how well educated inteligent males manage to convince themselves that this sort of thing is cool and worthwhile. Its the sad side of humanity. Using valuable resources to create something that has value only to another humans mind.
    There is something fundementally faulty with the male brain.

  12. I'm grateful for this inside look of this kind of operation, sure. But I hate it. I don't hate people doing it, I hate the concept. Thanks to this, graphics cards are way more expensive or not available (at least they were). And what you're making? Just…heat. I'm sorry, but…don't we have enough of it? It's not like you can take that heat energy and turn it to something usefull (if you don't want to warm your room).
    And for what? Profit with large initial cost? GTX 1080Ti isn't really cheap card. Where do you take money for them?
    And while we're on the subject, where are the profits coming from? Sure, from the coin, but where the issuer of that coin take the money from? What's the flow?
    I get it. Everyone want's to make cheap buck, not all people like the current state of finances, but this? Just…burning energy? If the computation prblems were at least something usefull, like molecular simulations, something with biology, astronomy or physics, then you making some coin of it would be at least justified, but wasting so much computing power on…what? Artificial problems? This concept is just wrong.

  13. I try to mine coins when they first come out and and sell once they become more known and the price increases substantially. I call it "Coin Chasing". Mine Low(difficulty) Sell(High Price). Nice setup…

  14. @0:25 what's the purpose of quickly switching the coin you mine when the market is so volatile, don't you make the money at the point of sale? or do you sell the very second you mine it?

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